🇯🇵Have Ye Blasted Dating in Japanru or StarCraft Land? 💰Grab $500 of Bonus Traffic from EVADAV

🇯🇵Have Ye Blasted Dating in Japanru or StarCraft Land?

Can ye push dating in Japan or StarCraft land (S. Korea)?

Or are those tough nuts to crack? Word on the street says they are.

Confirmed by STM posts and legendary mods.

What’s the general consensus?


But lemme attempt to clarify despite the lack of clarity.

Before ye do any further reading – start the Eurobeat soundtrack in the background.

Regarding Japan, and I quote a _prominent STMer_:

“What I understood for Japan is that the new generation is not really interested in dating and sex, so that might explain why classic dating offers are not working.”

Yours truly’s take:

How do ye even know what yer future Japanese Waifu wants if she’s not into dating or sexy times?

Also, everyone knows that in order to ask for a Korean girl’s hand ye have to beat her father at StarCraft.

Case in point?

It’s all quite weird and different, and fun.

Also, to learn more go watch something like this French guy with a Japanese Waifu: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeGEv5MBdmGMgZFPrAlEmFA

Also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erxC8n37dUY

Listen, Korea and Japan are tough, but are they impossible to crack?

Methinks not.

Do yer research, dig in and ye might be surprised.

1) Cultural differences – listen to Eurobeat and buy a Toyota AE86, play some StarCraft 2.

2) The older generations are not too tech-savvy – flip phones and blackberries are running wild, but the younger ones are full beast mode.

3) Translations unreliable, and no, these typical services, even the highly paid ones aren’t good enough. People are suspicious.

4) They’re a few years behind in many the West in many regards, dating is just catching up.

5) If yer gonna go adult, tickle yer inner tentacle-related creative ideas, if ye know what I mean. The weirdest stuff works.

On that note what I think ye should try is:

A) Something other than dating unless you want to go full Rule34

B) Dig in further into deep STM rabbit holes to uncover hidden clues, like these babies:




>> Hop in yer Toyota AE86, start Eurobeat, begin Kansei dorifto, open up a StarCraft stream and let yer inner creative tentacles go wild…Deja Vu here <<

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The Great “Leadgen for Clients Dilemma” – CPA?!?

Do ye charge yer clients on a CPL basis (riskier) or should ye negotiate a meaty CPA instead?

Or was it a monthly retainer?

_Waaaaait a minute_…

*cringe* Client work instead of affiliate offers? On STM?!

Do I smell _responsibility_?

Do I smell _talking to human beings_?

Do I smell closing and sales negotiations besides the usual Chad-like conversations:

“Hey bro do you have any new sweeps offers in %insert-god-forsaken-GEO-here%? Thx”

“Ya here ye go bro”

“Thx bro let’s scale this shit!”

fistbumpwinkyface bro-hug

Insert 20-second chat story with a happy ending here.

I digress – The Times They Are A-Changing

Lemme quote the OP:

Currently I have 1 client on a monthly retainer, for whom I’m generating 20 leads/day

Now, another client came up and we’re meeting soon. He wants leads, and his niche is an ok fit. I’m not sure how should I charge for the lead-gen service.

Monthly retainer is cool, but if I sell the leads per piece/lot I can make more money, however, with higher risk. CPA?!”

Indeed, which is better?

One revelating reply would surprise ye – CPA, in certain industries COUGH CRYPTO COUGH, can net $800~ or so and the advertiser (client) can afford to pay ye in Lambos and Porsches instead of breadcrumbs on the floor. Given ye avoid using one style of lander (revealed inside).

Another golden tip is to always ask for a briefcase of Benjamins upfront – directly in their faces.

Also, have test periods – 1 month trial for $XXX, for example.

Also, @sitckupkid linked an entire guidecovering payment and charging methods.

Lemme just say this:

Client work ain’t scary and yours truly approves of this thread – _times are a-changin’_.

Zucc’s angrier than ever and wants yet accounts lcean, Ecom speeding across faster than Usain bolt can say his own name, agencies scaling beyond yer wettest dreams, people buildin’ brands…and the list goes on.

Listen, and trust me on this, there’s an entirely delicious world out there up for the swiping

Given yer sharp affiliate skills it’s fresh blood, easy prey – requires a bit more work but the payoffs can be just as yuge as that weight loss offer you spent 800 accounts on and got whiter hair.

>> Go ye here and see exactly what the highest ROI way to deal with clients is <<

That Went From Green to Red Real Fast – “I have a problem. A really, really, big problem.”

Re-read the title – Green to Red, not the other way around.

Somethin’ be horribly wrong with this guy’s push traffic blacklists for the past few months:

“I have a blacklist campaign that only converts on the first day but never converts on the following day. I still do not know what causes the performance down.

I haven’t change anything except cut a bad creative. And the two working creatives still receive the major traffic on the following day.

Here is the screenshot for the blacklist campaign.”

The funny part is the whitelist campaign’s still chugging along and purring like a kitten.

One can see STM’s Chosen One (@twinaxe) jump in, but can he resolve this mystery?

>> Find out right ‘ere and stop going from green to red so fast – yer welcome btw <<

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