Check "Real Time" Data To Choose High Converting Affiliate Program

If you want to choose a high converting affiliate programs, what are the methods that you can use to decide which programs have high conversion?

One of the methods that you can use is to check real time data of the affiliate programs. If your affiliate merchant's affiliate program is managed by some of the large and reputable affiliate program networks like Clickbank, CommissionJunction, Linkshare etc, you will be able to find the performance data for all the merchant listed.

Performance will be broken down by several variables such as the average money that the affiliates earn per week, the percentage of refund, the popularity of the product etc. You can find out all these information from these popular affiliate program networks.

Once you have selected a list of affiliate programs that you think is suitable, the next logical thing that you should do is to take a look at the merchant's website. You will want to make sure that the website has a good sales letter so that you can be doubly sure that it is a good affiliate program that you will be able to promote.

So do apply these 2 ways and you will be choosing a good affiliate programs. If you do not know how to read some of the data, do check out the affiliate program network guide as it will explains on what are the kinds of data that they put on every merchant that is listed. You will one much nearer to success if you choose a good affiliate program.

Source by Zack Lim

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