[COD Case Study] $300k/month in SEA

[COD Case Study] $10k/day in SEA – 2020 is the return of COD (and @kokofai)

“It’s 21st of February 2020 as I’m writing this and I guess I am on par to break $300k by the end of the month.

Overall, I am seeing an average of 70% campaign ROI since the launch of this campaign”

Talk about a heavy knock on STM’s door!

@kokofai’s back, son.

A.k.a. Benjamin Yong, a.k.a. Another legendary STM mod.

Basically, Southeast Asia is huge and hot right now.

Fertile cash on delivery soil.

1) The traffic in SEA is cheap – as low as $5 CPMs

2) Total population? You guessed it – massive. 655 million++

3) Untapped market

4) Profit?

This begs the question, just _how hard is it to run campaigns in SEA?_

Let me give you a bit of a hint that’s going to knock you off your chair (without leaking everything to the lurking freebie-sloths)

In fact, here’s a quote from @kokofai:

“There’s a saying… Do not reinvent the wheel…“

bites lips

I cannot reveal the rest for it is too valuable.

Ye gonna have to find out for yerself.


Allow me to briefly and swiftly summarize:

A) It’s a walk in the park (when you see the landers and the entire campaign case study you’ll go “_Is that seriously it??_”)

B) Not too many are doing it (picture an innocent little lamb circled by hungry, battle-scarred STM wolves)

C) There’s one special “PRO TIP” from Benjamin you cannot miss (‘tis the key to making this work in SEA)

D) One specific thing you have to look for in COD offers if you want mouthwatering EPCs.

P.S. Have you ever heard of the Blue Ocean Strategy?

>> Basically, you’d be pretty dumb if ye don’t read this entire thread and jump on this wave ASAP. Your call… <<

Gift #1: Next-Level Push Tips

• Optimize your landing page speed for 20-30% better performance.

• Remove the tracker from optimized campaigns for faster redirects – get up to 15% more traffic.

• Many subscribers don’t click on push messages right away. Networks continue to charge for clicks after the campaign stops. Set your campaign budget to aim for 70-80% of the offer cap, to account for late traffic. Adoperator achieves 0% overspend in most cases, with a maximum of 10%.

• Use IP targeting to target specific IPs/carriers- it helps you to catch users while using a particular carrier. Use macros on your landing page (e.g. “Special offer for Vodafone users”). Adoperator lets you do both.

• Keep testing new creatives to avoid fatigue, to increase CTR by 10-15%+. Include 5-7+ different titles/descriptions. And use emojis to get more attention!

• Many ad networks resell burnt-out traffic. Track by subid and blacklist ones with abnormally low CTR compared with the average. Remove subids and devices with high bounce rates.

• Some push networks sell fraud traffic that doesn’t come from push messages. If you see clicks from a webview browser, or you cannot detect the device, ask for a refund. At Adoperator we stand behind our traffic quality and our team carefully chooses sources before putting them into action.

Gift #2: Deposit Bonus

Claim your STM-exclusive promo codes!

STM20 – Deposit $100 Get $20 Free
STM50 – Deposit $250 Get $50 Free
STM100 – Deposit $500 Get $100 Free

How to get the bonus:
Step 1: CLICK HERE to register at Adoperator.
Step 2: Enter the promo code on the “Add Funds” page. (Promo codes valid until March 31st.)


[STM GIFT] Lazy Neo Delivers Hot Profitable Campaign for Free

Hoooh boy.

Are you ready?

Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. our very own brilliant @twinaxe, now an honorary STM mod has given you one extremely rare gift.

An active, working, moolah-bringing campaign.

Allow me to quote-eth the @twinaxe:

“I know that many beginners seem to struggle a bit to get their first profitable campaigns running.

Now I thought about ways to change that and came up with the following idea:

I will test some stuff for you and when I find campaigns with good potential I can give you something where chances are good that it will make you profit.

For this campaign today I will show you the _exact offer_ and tell you _what lander_ to use.

I will give you enough info to run a good campaign so that it shouldn´t be hard to make money with it but I won´t do the whole work for you so you still need to show a little bit commitment yourself.”

You’re going to see these numbers in a screenshot in the thread:

Here’s what you can grab as of right now:

  • GEO

  • Devices

  • OS

  • Browser Language

  • What to do with your creatives and landers and what NOT to do

  • Proven, tested offer and lander.

  • Exactly what to do and how to approach this campaign (down to bidding strategies and optimization)

  • Oh, I forgot, there’s also the affiliate network listed where you can find the offers plus a super nice affiliate manager waiting for you (Skype)…

The missing piece?

Remember that @twinaxe wants you to do some work too, so there’s no traffic source listed in here. (But that’s not far off for someone with basic common sense…)

But also… _there’s a catch._

_Of course, there’s a catch!_

The shocker is that this is actually a “good” catch.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

This catch means it’s only going to make things more intriguing for the STMers that happen to sink their teeth into it.

In a nutshell, you’re gonna have to run this offer “blind” and, basically, just go ye and see why that’s a great thing.

>> See exactly what the catch is and ye better launch those camps now…Actually, it may be too late, this was posted a few days ago but go check to be sure not too many STM sharks are onto it… <<

“Please rip my funnel to shreds”

Straight up with the quote:

“Hello all,

I have an authority site in the guitar learning niche, that I partially monetize with affiliations to top-notch online guitar courses (100% white and high quality, popular offers)

I’m promoting an offer with the workflow shown below.

(You thought I was gonna give the links out to the freebie-sloths? Think again!)

The offer is a popular online guitar course that people can enroll 14-day free (credit card required to avoid multiple free trials for one person)”

As for the rest, you can guess what follows.

Speaking of hungry STM wolves – you’re gonna see bloody pieces of this guy’s funnel being thrown left and right.

Your daily dose of amusing STM criticism with a pinch of AW video recommendations by @matuloo (that you have to watch right now).

>> Go ye here and maybe take a bite out of this guy’s poor funnel too? <<

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