SiteGround review 2019

SiteGround Web-Hosting Review 2019

This SiteGround Web-Hosting Review 2019 will try to give you a better understanding of the features and functionalities, the plans, and types of hosting, offered by SiteGround. This review will help you to make an educated decision on whether SiteGround is the best web hosting plan that fits your needs.

SiteGround Summary Review

SiteGround is among the most prominent and also highest rated web hosting provider in the WordPress community. They deliver special in-house WordPress speed and security options to make your website as fast and safe as feasible.

They are known for the most reliable and trustworthy 24/7 support, which is why they’re an official ‘WordPress‘ suggested web host. SiteGround features include automated upgrades, integrated WP caching, CDN, one-click staging, and GIT variation control. They are also one of minority business offering location specific hosting with servers located in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. In addition to all this, they have а unique 70% discount for WPBeginner visitors.

SiteGround Rating – Summary

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5






SiteGround Summary

SiteGround is a serious contender in the ‘costs’ of shared web hosting. With class-leading features, flawless efficiency, spectacular uptime, and efficient support, they’re a terrific selection for newbies and pros. No wonder why the web is full of positive SiteGround evaluations from hundreds of SiteGround’s customers.

SiteGround: A flashback in history

Based in Bulgaria, SiteGround was established in 2004 by a group of buddies out of their university dorm rooms. The firm has three workplaces in Europe and one in the USA, utilizing more than 400 individuals. It hosts more than one million domains.



SiteGround offers outstanding features. They are not stock attributes, either. WordPress plans come with WordPress-specific attributes and shared hosting plans come with tools designed for building your website. Though there are only tiny variations in the hosting, there’s a wide variety of catered bundles to choose from.

It’s ideal to find the plans on SiteGround’s website if you want to see each of their attributes — list them would require a few thousand words. For our review, we are likely to supply a cross-section of the very impressive and helpful features.

Beginning with shared hosting, you get a website builder. However, it is not just any website builder.

SiteGround includes the free version of Weebly who has any program — using the domain name you registered, naturally — but you can upgrade to a different tier if you want, too. Weebly’s business aims, as an example, offer inventory management, product badges and Square integration for e-commerce outlets.

All SiteGround programs come with automated daily backups, also, which, though boring, should not be discredited. It is nonetheless a good idea to manually backup your website, but using a catch-all is never a bad thing. If you update to one of the high tiers of shared hosting, you may set a habit, on-demand copies, also.

SiteGround’s features are so outstanding that it makes some of the expected integrations feel tame. Much like other leading web hosts, you receive Cloudflare integration, a free SSL/TLS certification and unlimited email addresses at your domain.

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wordpress inscription on table

WordPress Features

In most reviews, we would concentrate on those features, but SiteGround’s robust record makes them feel like trivial enhancements to an already excellent package. It earned the crown in our most reliable WordPress web hosting for a reason, after all. That said, they include their attributes, also.

Above all, WordPress plans comprise SuperCacher. Regular shared plans have it, also, but the program for WordPress is vital. Caching is permanently storing variations of your website so that they can load quicker when called upon. SuperCacher caches result in database queries and dynamic data to enhance the speed of your website.

Additionally, you receive WordPress staging. Though a staple of website builders, staging is not the simplest thing to locate WordPress websites. It enables you to test modifications to your website in a private environment before pushing them to the live site.

There are additional WordPress attributes, as well. WordPress is automatically installed in your domain for free, when you sign up, or if you have another server, you can move your website. SiteGround will also roll out WordPress upgrades to your website automatically if you would like it to.

For any pricey, managed WordPress hosting — browse our Kinsta review to see what that looks like — most of that is normal fare. SiteGround isn’t costly, though. It is not just striking that SiteGround comprises great WordPress capabilities. What’s impressive is that it will so cheaply.


As we’ll get into at the “hosting types” section, SiteGround offers seven services, but they boil down to three kinds of hosting: shared hosting, cloud and committed. To be clear, you can buy WooCommerce and WordPress hosting for precisely the same cost as shared hosting. The plans are identical outside of a couple of platform-specific capabilities.

SiteGround’s shared server standard plans, which include a website builder, daily copies and email, aren’t too impressive in their face.

That’s not to mention the transparent pricing. Unlike, say, GreenGeeks, however, that price doesn’t change based on length.

Out of a $14.95 setup fee that’s added to monthly accounts, you can purchase one to three decades of hosting for the same yearly rate, which, as mentioned, is in the neighbourhood of other top-shelf providers.

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Instead of using deceit, SiteGround inspires hope. It is apparent from the moment you pick a plan how much you’ll be paying once you register and when you renew. Instead of hiding behind an economic plan only to inform you that you are going to have to buy four decades of hosting to get it SiteGround sets its cards on the desk.

SiteGround’s cloud and hosting are not poor, but the clear focus is on shared hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. SiteGround delivers so many features on its inexpensive plans that they steal the show.

As a safety net, SiteGround provides a 30-day refund policy for shared hosting and also 15-day refund window to get cloud hosting. Terms apply, such as non-refundable domain fees, but you’re safe for the very first month. Unfortunately, refunds aren’t offered on hosting.

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Ease of Use

From the homepage, you are presented with shared, WordPress, WooCommerce and cloud hosting, booking dedicated, enterprise and reseller hosting for the top navigation menu.

We like that system a good deal. SiteGround makes it apparent to newcomers what they need to pick while retaining innovative options available. It’s not hard to imagine someone stumbling on site search for a way to start WordPress and figuring out what to do.

That carries over to plan selection. The three shared hosting kinds have three tiers: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. Rather than comparing the programs on a technical level, SiteGround reveals what every tier is useful for. Even technophobes can realize that 20GB of storage is greater than 10GB and 100,000 monthly visits are much far better than 10,000.

You can observe the technical comparison by clicking the “Compare” button below the plans, but you do not have to. SiteGround translates the technical facets of its service into a digestible format. You can find the info that you need if you understand what you’re looking for, but SiteGround doesn’t compromise the ease of its strategy in the process. It makes everything convenient accessible even to those who do not know much about hosting websites.

After setting and paying up your login credentials, you can access your account control panel. It is not cPanel, mind you — we’ll get to that in a minute — but instead, an area where you can manage your account information and billing information.

Most of what you’d anticipate is there. However, SiteGround includes other areas, too. Besides your billing info and busy services, you can browse via a variant of this knowledgebase inside your account dashboard. Articles you choose will open in a new tab, which means that you do not have to backtrack to a dash.

The best menu manages navigation, and also the last choice, “perks,” has goodies inside. There, you’ll find special offers and coupon codes for advancement applications, WordPress plugins and more.

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Head back to “my account” and click”go to cPanel” to manage your website. Though SiteGround is among the very best web hosting providers around, it did not create our best web hosting with cPanel guide. The execution is dated and unattractive. Though it’s still practical, other web hosts have streamlined how it appears.

That said, it is not tough to use. SiteGround makes it clear what all your IP addresses and name servers are, in addition to the amount of information you’ve used, for example. The dilemma is that cPanel requires a facelift.

SiteGround’s redesigned website seems beautiful. Therefore it is a pity that cPanel can’t offer the same experience. Of course, you can still get around and find everything you need, but cPanel, sadly, feels like a trade-off you shouldn’t have to make.

Web Hosting

On SiteGround’s website, you will find seven forms of hosting, but there is only five: shared, cloud, freelancer, business and dedicated. Shared hosting is divided into standard web hosting, WordPress and WooCommerce. Each service delivers the very same plans with the very same specs, outside of platform-specific capabilities.

For instance, if you’re considering constructing a WordPress website, then you need to buy a WordPress program instead of a conventional shared hosting plan. The specs might be the same, but SiteGround comprises WordPress setup, staging and SuperCacher with WordPress plans.

Shared hosting utilizes one host to host several websites, moving resources involving the sites as necessary. Not surprisingly, this makes it the cheapest and most affordable web hosting round, regardless of the fact that there is a disadvantage when it comes to speed and consistency. As expected, the higher the level, the more visitors the server will handle. But, SiteGround also comprises a set of features with every level: “essential” for StartUp, “premium” for GrowBig and “geeky” for GoGeek.

Common designs are where the heart of a web server is and SiteGround provides you with enough flexibility while not causing alternative paralysis. For example, InMotion Hosting has many types of services, each with five or more levels, making it difficult to choose the right choice correctly.

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Advanced Hosting Services

If you want to proceed past shared hosting, SiteGround can accommodate you. SiteGround provides a solid lineup of services for all types of users.

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The most immediate upgrade from shared hosting is cloud hosting. However, since you can see from the “pricing” section, it is much more expensive. Cloud hosting spreads your site to a server network or “cloud” Because it is not concentrated on a single site, your site will be faster and much safer.

In summary, there is a community of virtual servers your website lives on that calls on a network of physical servers where your site is saved. The tools needed for your website, then, are scalable, which means that you have access to more energy if you want it. In addition, because it is not concentrated, a server that goes offline will not require your website with it.

SiteGround offers suggestions for cloud hosting configurations, but it is worthwhile to construct your strategy if you know what you are doing. Granted, this is an expensive setup – $ 2,100 a month, to be exact. However, the ideal thing about cloud hosting is that you can add or remove resources as needed.

If you’d instead centralize your website and also have more control over the technical aspects of hosting, then you may buy a dedicated host. As the opposite of shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows you to maintain a server, and all of its sources, to yourself. SiteGround offers three tiers of hosting in one of its three data centers across the world.

You should choose the location where most of your visitors come from, so it’s essential that SiteGround gives you the option. 1&1 Web Hosting, by way of instance, offers cheaper dedicated hosting — with far lesser specs — but does not allow you to pick the location of the server.

Lastly, there’s business and hosting. Typically, reseller plans are for web designers who wish to offer their customers hosting. However, with the ability to white label SiteGround’s cPanel, you can start your own web hosting business, also.

Enterprise hosting is provided for people who need the very best performance. SiteGround works with you to create a service that suits your needs, instead of designing a few packages to choose from. Enterprise hosting is intended for big websites or programs that require custom-built solutions, so be warned that you’ll probably need to drop a cent for access.


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We use 2 tools to measure rate: LoadImpact and Pingdom Website Speed Test. The website we’re analyzing is merely a domain packed with WordPress, and nothing else, that’s hosted on SiteGround’s cheapest shared program.

Testing about the closest server in San Francisco, the website loaded in 2.98 seconds, which is not too impressive.

Erupts to the metrics we can see that the DNS servers accounted for most of the loading time – 2.4 seconds, to be exact. The link and wait times, which measure how long it takes for the browser to connect and begin getting information, accounted for a combined 280 milliseconds.

As revealed, testing website speed is complicated because there are a lot of variables at play. Many of them aren’t on the server to deal with, either. From our testing, however, we can gather that SiteGround has well-optimized shared servers, winning a 96 out of 100 from the Pingdom Website Speed Test for site speed.

Pingdom Website Speed Test steps a website in isolation, though. To gauge the website under load, we utilized LoadImpact. This functionality sents 50 virtual users to our domain within five minutes and measures the speed of this site as the user load improved. SiteGround has remained solid to all the increased user load, which is a great.

As far as uptime is concerned, it remained at 100% in all tests. Fortunately, SiteGround has a 99.9% uptime guarantee to support it, too. There are numerous reasons not to trust the guarantee of your web host, but SiteGround is stable.


SiteGround WordPress Web Hosting

  • Full-Service WordPress Hosting For All Types Of Sites
  • Awesome Tools For WordPress Webmasters


According to the conditions of service, if your website ever falls below 99.9% uptime, you’ll get a month of free hosting. That’s down to 99 percent, however. For every extra percent below 99%, SiteGround will provide you another month of hosting. As far as guarantees go, it is the very generous one we’ve seen.


One of the greatest dangers confronting shared hosting is that a single malicious website can infect the entire server. SiteGround mitigates that issue, however. Each shared website has its isolated directory, meaning that one bad account won’t infect the rest.

That’s where SiteGround starts. The security bundle surrounding your plan is impressive, composed of a web application firewall, AI-driven anti-bot program and automated daily backups. If you are on the GrowBig program or higher, then you can make on-demand copies of your website, too.

In addition to your site, SiteGround provides free consolidation using SpamExperts for your email. SpamExperts can scan your incoming and outgoing messages, allowing you to filter the words you receive. Furthermore, it can provide insights to your email stats.

There is a malware scanning instrument, but it is not included with shared plans. Called SG Site Scanner, it is going to scan every link that’s accessible from your website’s homepage for vulnerabilities daily for around $20 annually. Besides, it checks your domain against blacklists to be sure everything is copacetic.

Unfortunately, it’s only scanning. It will allow you to know if there is an issue, but it will not do anything to fix it. Malware anti-virus or removal protection is something that you’ll need to acquire on your own, which, although not necessary, would be a great security feature to get.

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That stated, the present bundle feels well-rounded, particularly with a free SSL/TLS certification to top it off.


SiteGround Web Hosting Services

  • Offering the Latest web hosting speed technologies
  • Handcrafted Solutions for 99.99% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support Insanely fast for Phone, Chat or Ticketing


Privacy is an essential topic for web hosting. It starts with your domain, which is filed using a WHOIS record containing all of your info. You’ll want to spend an extra $1 per month.

Personal domain registration replaces your WHOIS information with dummy information. Because WHOIS documents are publicly available, anyone with an online connection may look up who owns a specific domain name and, frequently, who owns a website. We value that SiteGround offers private registration, but it ought to be a free feature, not a paid service.

As regards your personal information you provide to SiteGround, you may share it with law enforcement agencies, third party suppliers, and SiteGround interests, but only with your consent (which you provided using the service). Unfortunately, that’s how things go with web hosting. It also states it”will take all reasonable steps to inform you when and what information might go to third parties, and you’ll be able to choose whether to talk about it or not.”

So far as web hosting solitude goes, SiteGround is about the right side of this fence. There is nothing wrong with privacy policy and because of its obvious attitude towards the promotion of your personal information, it is safe to use the service. The only drawback is the lack of free enrollment in a private sector, but the price is quite economic so we are not overly disappointed.


SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting

  • Easy WooCommerce Store Setup
  • Increase Your Sales With A Faster Website
  • Top Site Security And Availability For Better Conversions


Your account dash makes locating help easy. Click on the “support” tab into your dash menu to start a condensed version of the knowledge base. You can look for a subject or use the recommended classes SiteGround provides. No matter which you choose, SiteGround will start a new tab with all the support article.

We enjoy that system. It is a means to incorporate support to the account dashboard while not disrupting whatever you’re doing in the accounts dashboard. The knowledge base is technically within a different area of the website, but the rapid reference to it from where you are is very helpful.

Otherwise, you can see your tickets in the support region, but, at least it appears, you can’t contact support. Contact choices, including phone, email and live chat, are tucked away in a little section below the condensed knowledge base.

That’s not to mention the connection is helpful. SiteGround will require you to pick a broad group to meet your issue and, in some cases, direct you to the instrument you require, such as when you are transferring a website. That said, the more open-ended classes, for example, different technical problems, need you to clarify your request.

In each situation except one, when we described our subject, we met with this message: “Please supply more details about the problem you are having, so that we may help you resolve it quickly.” Mind you, we provided detail about, for instance, not being able to load our test website.

As soon as you break through, SiteGround will provide you with the three support options. It’s a shame you need to jump through so many hoops since its support team is excellent. Reps are educated, friendly and responsive. Regrettably, they are buried behind a dated system.

The cracks we have pointed out to the ease of using SiteGround have great effect. The support is exceptional, but only laying out the contact methods are a much more efficient way of handling requests.

SiteGround Dedicated hosting

SiteGround is offering Premium Managed Servers.

Host your website on a high-class dedicated machine set up and managed by SiteGrounds’ experts. Offering highly innovative proprietary software to boost your server performance and give you more functionality than anyone else.


Verdict: Is SiteGround Right for You?

SiteGround is an excellent service for web hosting. If your main concern is the price, you can absolutely find cheaper options, yet it’s quite usual for a lot of first cost values to call for a 3-year commitment. SiteGround, in contrast, will provide you its unique value for a single year and even a month– though you’ll be paying complete freight after the first month. That allows you to obtain the benefits of a lower price without an unbelievably long commitment.

Past price, some of the basic took care of services it provides such as automated WordPress updates are a benefit, and the complimentary automatic daily back-ups are a huge plus too. The restriction on a data transfer is a definite drawback. However, SiteGround is mostly affordable. The most significant question with SiteGround is whether you wish to quit its additional features in favor of a more affordable price elsewhere.

SiteGround Overall Rating


Bottom Line

We can’t think of any better web hosting services than SiteGround. A cPanel improvement would go a long way toward making it better than it already is.

SiteGround is still a top-shelf provider, particularly for WordPress users.

Thank you for reading, and please leave your comment below.

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