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Joining the Best Affiliate Networks: Reviewing the Top Choices

Have you decided to join one of the best affiliate networks to earn extra money? If your answer is yes, read on as I show you the best affiliate networks and recommend joining? 

If you’re looking to pursue an affiliate marketing career and start making money online, this post is for you. I’m going to walk you through joining some of the best affiliate networks in the industry and explain what each network offers. 

While working as a digital marketer, I have joined hundreds of affiliate networks. Some of them were good, and some were not so good. Here I will list the best affiliate networks to enter if you want to start making money online from affiliate marketing

Joining affiliate networks is one of the main steps you will take to build your affiliate marketing business. However, choosing which ones are best for you with so many affiliate networks can become incredibly daunting and confusing. 

Not all affiliate networks are created equal 

Many new affiliates mistake joining every available affiliate network because they think it would be an excellent way to promote offers. Most of them end up with hundreds or even thousands of different banner ads on their websites, confusing visitors and bringing no value. So you need to quickly figure out which is the best affiliate program for your niche by joining only a few networks but promoting high-quality offers. 

There are many affiliate networks in the market. It is not easy to find the best one as there are some things you need to consider. It requires dedication, patience, time, and research to find the right affiliate network. 


Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks you can join

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks you can join. It’s the world’s largest, most trusted digital commerce marketplace. Its mission is to make online buying and selling more accessible, faster, and more secure for everyone. 

Welcome to the Clickbank Marketplace! This is a shopping mall of products, services, information, reviews, and software (the Marketplace) provided by various entrepreneurs and business owners (Merchants). ClickBank aims to provide you with an environment where choices abound in finding products and services that will meet your personal needs. 

The ClickBank network is the place where your online success begins. Get Started in 3 Easy Steps  

1. Sign up as a member of Clickbank

2. Add a Clickbank product

3. Start making money.

Simple as that.

Since the launch back in March 2000, around 12 million people have come to ClickBank Marketplace. They are looking for the hottest new products to sell online. Clickbank’s goal is to provide a safe and secure service at the lowest cost. Individuals can promote products and services they have discovered on the Internet. Clickbank provides a place for people to explore, purchase and sell products. It offers a trusted service with one of the highest commissions around.

Clickbank lets you receive payments directly into your bank account – sometimes even when your customer purchases. 

ClickBank’s mission is to help online entrepreneurs succeed with selling digital information products, services, and downloads over the Internet. ClickBank is the retailer and distributor of digital information products. 

ClickBank is the Marketplace for digital products online. The Marketplace makes it easy to find and sell digital goods online and offers real-time access to data about how those products are selling, days in the past revenue, affiliate stats, Clickbank vendor stats, etc. 


ShareASale is among the best affiliate networks you can join

ShareASale is among the best affiliate networks you can join. It is a global affiliate marketing network founded in 1999. It comprises thousands of affiliate partners (advertising agencies, content creators, retailers, and more) and millions of affiliates (bloggers, webmasters, developers, publishers, bloggers, etc.). A simple way to share your ShareASale affiliate commission revenue with your friends and family! 

Conceived to be an intuitive, one-stop shop for all of your affiliate marketing needs. ShareASale has proven superior in providing a level of service that is second to none. ShareASale pioneered the niche market affiliate consulting model and today continues to set the standard for our industry. It provides best breed technology, tools, education, services, and support to fuel your success. 

ShareASale is the leading affiliate marketing network helping you do business the right way. They provide comprehensive technology and marketing solutions that help sellers attract, convert, and retain customers online. It’s easy to see why buyers turn to ShareASale when their goal is to launch a successful online business. 

With ShareASale, indie affiliate marketers have a trusted ally in their pursuit of the riches that internet marketing can provide. ShareASale is the world’s leading affiliate marketing network, helping companies of all sizes promote and sell their products online. 

ShareASale is a free affiliate marketing program for online merchants looking to drive sales. Learn how to make money on the Internet by becoming a ShareASale Affiliate! 

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks online, connecting merchants with affiliates in all corners. It provides a wide range of services, including software, research, consulting, and education.


Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates Program is probably the biggest and one of the best affiliate networks you can join

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a web-based business that you can run from anywhere in the world? Are you someone who has already started their own business and is now looking to increase sales tenfold? Or maybe you’re just a person who wants to maximize their budget so they can purchase more online? No matter what your situation, Amazon Associates can help jumpstart your investment. 

The Amazon Associates Program is probably the biggest and one of the best affiliate networks you can join. It is free to join and easy to use. It gives website owners like yourself a way to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When you place an affiliate’s product link on your website, you get a commission if someone purchases that item within 24 hours, matching the exact description of the links. 

Get paid commissions from the world’s largest online store  (Amazon). This program is a professional affiliate marketing program that pays millions of dollars per day to its members. You need to join Amazon Associates, add a widget to your website or blog, and go your way. 

Get paid for shopping with Amazon. It’s easy to join—all you need is an email address. And your first purchase with a new Amazon account is eligible for a $5 referral fee. You can even earn your first $5 through shopping cart linking! To learn more about becoming an Amazon Associate, click here. 

Earn up to 10% referral fees by creating personalized links to products on, sharing them on social networks, blogs, and websites, and converting clicks to sales. 

Join Amazon Associates Today and earn money when you start, build, grow, and run your own online business. 


eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is one of the oldest affiliate programs and has been around since 1996.

eBay Partner Network is one of the oldest affiliate programs and has been around since 1996.

eBay has an affiliate network that allows you to sell your products on eBay and their partner’s products.

They offer a commission on sales you generate for eBay. The commission rate ranges from 50% to 70% depending on the country where the sale takes place and can go up to 80% if done through one of their partner’s portals instead of directly through eBay.

If you choose the Pay Per Sale method, they’ll pay you a commission every time someone buys something online via your referral link. If you choose Pay Per Lead, they’ll pay you every time someone registers at their marketplace or their partners’ portals through your referral link (but not if they buy any product).

Join eBay Partner Network


CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)

With CJ Affiliate, you have hundreds of merchants to choose from, and commission rates for individual merchants can be high. However, that doesn’t mean that every merchant pays top dollar. You will want to evaluate the payouts on a case-by-case basis to determine if the merchant is worth it for you.

Payouts are made via check only (no PayPal or direct deposit). The minimum threshold is $50. However, some merchants have 20%+ commission rates, and they typically offer a 90-day cookie duration which means that you get paid if your visitor comes back within 3 months of clicking your link and makes a purchase!

Join CJ Affiliate Network


Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten is your one-stop shop to see, share, compare, and buy all from one convenient place

Rakuten is another excellent affiliate network you can join. It is your one-stop shop to see, share, compare, and buy all from one convenient place. It hosts a variety of retailers from around the world in one location online. 

The affiliate network provides a range of solutions globally across our international marketplace businesses. Rakuten’s vision is to use technology to bring the world closer together. 

Today, Rakuten is the most comprehensive and effective mobile and display platform for advertisers. Rakuten is transforming the industry, creating value for customers and publishers by making it easier to reach their audiences across multiple formats with maximum scale and transparency. 

Rakuten Marketing is the only company globally that faster helps sellers and brands expand to new markets. It is the fastest-growing, most innovative, and most profitable ad tech company on the planet. The network is a technology-enabled marketing services company with the unique ability to solve real problems for small businesses and major global brands through data-driven insights. 

Rakuten is the one-stop source for all your marketing needs. It offers an extensive range of products and services to promote your business online. It is your one-stop shop, from search engine optimization (SEO) to full website design and development, email marketing, and hosting services. Whether you’re just starting online or want to extend the success of your existing online presence, Rakuten has the experience and expertise to take your business further and deliver greater exposure. 

It offers digital analytics and campaign management expertise and has recently implemented a data-driven approach to martech, content marketing, social advertising, and creative optimization. As a strategic partner of Rakuten, you will benefit from reduced costs for services that enable more personalized communication with customers to drive high-value conversions. 


Avangate is a trusted, secure, easy-to-use Enterprise B2B eCommerce solution that allows you to sell your products and services to global companies

Avangate is a trusted, secure, easy-to-use Enterprise B2B eCommerce solution that allows you to sell your products and services to global companies. 

It is a leading provider of payment processing services for merchants worldwide as one of Europe’s largest independent providers of payment processing services. It offers comprehensive solutions starting with one of the finest portfolios of merchant accounts through an extensive range of integrated credit card solutions and sophisticated fraud protection services delivered over a global multi-channel platform. 

Avangate is the global leader in multi-language eCommerce technology for multinational companies with complex international eCommerce requirements. By understanding and addressing the needs of large multi-locale businesses, Avangate enables organizations to sell across multiple languages and platforms, including localized digital storefronts, mobile sites, and apps. 

The affiliate network has been a leading provider of digital commerce solutions and services for online merchants since 1999. Focused on helping businesses build profitable online operations, we help our clients improve revenue, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. Avangate helps companies of all sizes with their payment needs through extensive support for credit card processing, fraud prevention, and domestic and cross-border currency exchange – all delivered by a team committed to making eCommerce happen for global enterprises. 

Presence in more than 150 countries

You can make your software and services available today in more than 150 countries through multiple distribution channels (value-added resellers, systems integrators, OEMs, neutral platforms) and payment solutions (retailer billing, direct payment, mobile solutions). Avangate’s technology platform delivers powerful multi-channel commerce capabilities such as easy-to-use digital delivery, flexible billing logic, and outstanding 24/7 customer service. 

Avangate is the premier independent SaaS platform for software and digital content delivery, providing a unified solution for software vendors, publishers, and distributors to sell their products online. Altogether it has over 2700 clients in 120 countries with offices in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, and Brazil. Avangate’s customers include 3 of the top-25 most visited destinations. 

The Avangate Secure Payment Service provides an advanced suite of payment processing solutions to Global 2000 companies, including E-commerce, IDTVA-eligible, and RFP-enabled merchants. Avangate is a PCI Level 1 provider. Selected as a 2011 and 2012 VMware platinum supplier with a superior track record in delivery, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 


Awin is one of the best affiliate networks that provide infrastructure-free to all businesses

The Awin network is an absolute must for the future of e-sport. For your next spectacular project, don’t hesitate to contact the Trustee of Awin. 

Awin is one of the best affiliate networks that provide infrastructure-free to all businesses. The value comes from having access to our platform and being more easily able to launch, manage and scale your business. 

Awin is a cloud-based affiliate network that provides online publishers, marketers, and advertisers with the technology they need to monetize their websites through advertising. Allow Awin to propel your business growing speed by its flexible partner program for publishers, innovative technology that adapts to your company’s needs, and wide range of tools for advertisers, allowing Awin to take you to a new level of results! 

Awin is the first ad network built for affiliates by affiliates: a proprietary technology stack comprising white label SSP, SMP, and DSP platforms that drive the display and affiliate revenue, ad serving, and payment. 

With over 1,000 partner sites

Awin gives you access to a diverse range of top brands and publishers to advertise on. You benefit from solid and trustworthy relationships with brand owner sites and the innovative tools and unique integration possibilities specific to a programmatic solution. 

Awin is the first social commerce platform that seamlessly lets retailers and affiliates combine forces with driving sales. Awin offers an open platform that harnesses the power of crowd-sourced content, also known as influencer marketing. It incentivizes both affiliates and awesome content creators to drive results at scale. Awin Marketing is to pioneer a new industry standard in online marketing by bringing social commerce platforms into mass-market adoption. 

Awin is the world’s first integrated in-app marketing platform, serving over 800 clients worldwide, including Groupon, The Iconic, Pan Macmillan Australia, and Kobo. It has offices in Melbourne, London, New York, Toronto, and Paris. 

FlexOffers, the premier online destination for CPA offers and a hub for renowned and emerging name-brand marketers looking to promote their products in new and innovative ways

FlexOffers is the #1 affiliate network offering products from all of the biggest brands in one place. 

Get paid for your opinions! Join the world’s largest online consumer panels to earn rewards for your participation. FlexOffers have a variety of panels for you to join. Get paid by cashing out your points accumulated in the FlexOffers panel! As a member of FlexOffers, you’ll also get FREE access to all our publisher partners’ sites! 

FlexOffers is about saving you money as quickly and efficiently as possible. Browse the daily offers in the categories you’re interested in to find incredible deals on popular products with over 1 million other FlexOffers members. is the premier online destination for CPA offers and a hub for renowned and emerging name-brand marketers looking to promote their products in new and innovative ways

FlexOffers is a Cloud-Based Affiliate Marketing Platform designed to help you manage your affiliate programs and drive traffic to offers. The platform is designed to be intuitive, centralized, and save you time. 

FlexOffers is the leading affiliate network connecting advertisers & publishers. FlexOffers’ reputation as a carrier of the highest quality inventory offers a robust infrastructure to meet advertisers’ and publishers’ needs. The technology platform provides ease of use and insights that foster network growth, liquidity, efficiency & profitability for all.

Gain control of your offers

With FlexOffers, you gain control of your offers by joining our affiliate program. Write and publish your unique offers to promote products relevant to your audience and be rewarded when they buy. 

FlexOffers is the ultimate directory of cash-back offers. Browse all offers across all verticals and get rewards for online purchases. Use smart links to make your shopping experience quick and easy while getting rewarded for your purchases! 

The network is an affiliate marketing platform that allows publishers to offer for sale, store, manage and track products on our affiliate marketplace platform. FlexOffers will provide affiliates with access to thousands of unique products in various categories, including software and gaming. 

FlexOffers is a network of divisional-sized affiliate programs that share a common back-end and front-end website designed to be the most functional and modern web property for the affiliate industry. The dedicated staff is full-time employees focusing on providing excellent customer service. 

FlexOffers is a breakthrough technology that changes the way you do affiliate marketing. Its goal is to bring affiliates unprecedented power and control over promoting their offers. FlexOffers makes it easy to create and manage thousands of offers with a 100% commission payout. Discover ways you can make money with FlexOffers today. FlexOffers covers all risks, no matter how your offer performs for your users. 



Avantlink is an affiliate marketing network that helps you find the best high ticket programs based on your interests

  • Commission: 8%

  • Affiliate network: Avantlink

  • Avantlink is an affiliate marketing network that helps you find the best high ticket programs based on your interests. They have a wide variety of products to promote and offer you unlimited earning potential by referring sales to merchants online.

Some of the advantages of using Avantlink include:

  • High commissions (8%)

  • Wide variety of products

  • They support more than 30,000 merchants, so you never run out of options for new products to promote and earn money from. With AvantLink’s real-time reporting system, you can track how much traffic and money your referrals are generating in near real-time. Their advanced tracking technology allows affiliates to optimize their campaigns while still running live.



MaxBounty contains a list of the best high-paying affiliate programs worth signing up for

So much of this is true, but it’s hard to find the time to sign up for every affiliate program you’ll ever hear of, so I’ve compiled a list of the best high-paying affiliate programs worth signing up for. You may have heard some of these before and maybe even signed up for them, but if you want to make money online by selling things online, making a killing as an affiliate is one of your most viable options.

Two-thirds of my money came from affiliate marketing last year. It was my guiding star in the world and made my life much easier.


Bottom Line

If you are looking to earn money online and you have an interest in trading or finance, then an affiliate network is an easy way to get started. Many affiliate networks will provide you with a ton of information: there may be training material, articles, and other content available. A lot of networks will also offer analytics so that you can track your campaigns and assess the viability of various offers. If a network doesn’t appear to offer all these things, it is probably not worth joining.

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