About Us

About Us


 Hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Success. 

My name is Alex. Some years ago, I quit my 9 to 5 job. This decision came after 20 years of working at the telecommunications sector. It was a quite respectable and highly paying job that most of my friends envied. However, it did not satisfy me and decided to quite in order to pursue freedom & happiness.

For the last year, my goal is to build a sustainable online business that will lead to financial freedom for me and my family. Online business is giving you the freedom of working from anywhere in the world and setting my own work hours. You are your own boss.

I’ve been trying to start an on-line business; however, information overload can be quite overwhelming.


Affiliate Marketing

After almost one year of on-line search I decided to start an affiliate marketing business. During my journey, I came across a lot of “get rich quick” on line scams. It is vital to realize that you will come across, numerous times, people who claim to be online marketing authorities. You have to educate yourself enough in affiliate marketing in order to be able to distinguish this type of scams.

Still, I also came along a lot of on-line business opportunities that have been excited. These opportunities reminded me what is possible on the internet and that you can be really successful if you follow through.

I was lucky enough to came across Wealthy Affiliate. A great affiliate marketing community delivering probably the most complete on-line training program. Wealthy Affiliate steered me in the right direction regarding affiliate marketing.


Set your mind to win

Like any business, in order to succeed you have to work your butt off. Forget the secret formula of earning passive money that most of the on -line programs have promised you.

If you want a successful on-line affiliate marketing business and start earning your own revenue, you have to work hard. Please bear in mind that there are no shortcuts, but there are tools that can help you succeed.

You have to commit yourself to your business and apply discipline and consistency. Only this way you’ll be able to build the foundations of a successful, long lasting business.


Embrace failure

In the beginning, it’s most likely that you fail. Don’t allow failure to stop you from your pursue of building a business. On the contrary, use it as stepping stone for your success. Accept it, embrace it and move forward with more passion and aspiration.

Our Mission

At Affiliate for Success, we are dedicated to helping, aspiring, motivating people by providing insightful information on how to build a state-of-the-art modern business through affiliate marketing.

In this website, I will be writing a variety of reviews about online products regarding affiliate marketing. My reviews aiming at exposing the truth behind these products.

However, the objective of this site is to provide all the appropriate tools for someone to begin a successful online business.

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