How to use new methods to capture leads

Capturing Leads Using New Methods: Innovative Strategies

New methods to capture leads is a powerful strategy for targeting your target audience. It is used by marketing specialists for a long time, mainly through emails. 

The new digital age, emerging after the pandemic, makes new methods to attract leads implemented, and that’s what we want to talk to you about in this post.

What is lead acquisition?

What is lead acquisition?

To talk about lead acquisition refers to a group of actions taken to increase the number of website users. The idea is for that captured audience to become a customer. In short, it’s all that strategy that does a business to know details of your audience and become prospects.

It’s one of the main tasks that people in the marketing team have to perform. The idea is to capture a lead so that later it can become a sale of your product or service.

There are many ways to capture leads. When choosing one of them, the most important thing is that it is as invasive as possible. Aggressive approaches tend to keep potential customers away.

Benefits of leads

The main advantage of capturing leads is the increase in a brand’s database with potential customers. The fact that a user provides their data voluntarily makes their possibility of purchase very high. Having all this data helps to develop and execute your brand’s digital marketing strategies.

By having the data of the potential customers, you will classify them to enhance the necessary communications in the purchase process. After all this explanation, we can summarize the benefits of lead acquisition as follows:

Growing your business in the future

Most of the techniques used for lead acquisition are based on creating valuable content to attract the public and then turning it into a customer. It is indeed exciting to receive the public en masse, but the primary objective in every business is consumer loyalty over time.

Increase your website traffic

Implementing different lead acquisition techniques increases the attraction of traffic to your brand’s website. The important thing is to analyze each user’s navigation within your website to improve the way you guide them in their navigation and thus take it to what you want.

Improve your digital marketing strategy

Improve your digital marketing strategy

When you manage to have a database with the people who meet the profile you’re looking for in your business, designing digital marketing strategies is more successful. Targeting Social Ads campaigns will be much easier because you already have the data you need to impact the audience you’re interested in.

Traditional methods for capturing leads

Traditional methods for capturing leads

The first thing to keep in mind is that to generate leads. You need the user to interact with the digital channels of your brand. That’s why you need to ask for your email in exchange for a benefit and thus get such essential data that you’ll use in the following marketing strategies.

There are many ways to capture leads, mainly in the online world, although it can also be done offline. Here are the traditional methods for capturing leads:

Social media

The organic traffic you can generate on your social media accounts is a widespread way to capture lead

The organic traffic you can generate on your social media accounts is a widespread way to capture leads. There are also paid advertising platforms, such as Facebook, to create special ads; everything will depend on your budget.

Using banners

Banners are used through display campaigns to attract users’ attention. It is one of the most used tools, despite having the defect that in some cases can be invasive.

Email marketing

It’s a strategy used to maintain constant contact with your brand’s customers. It’s also a way to engage new consumers. The only thing is that you’ll need to have their email in advance.



The forms that must be filled out for the subscription of a newsletter are one of the most traditional ways to capture leads. Their use is because they express an interest in the brand and are closer to loyalty.

Delivering downloadable content

Marketing campaigns that include delivering an ebook, catalog or other material in exchange for filling out a form is another strategy. People always like to receive a gift, but they exchange digital products with their data.

Webinars or online events

Participating in online events requires prior registration of users. Many brands have opted for free online activities to capture quality leads because they are users who show interest in your brand.

New methods to capture leads in 2021

The year 2020 marks a before and after for the digital world due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19. Online transactions increased exponentially due to confinement measures around the world.

This new reality makes automated responses increasingly used to develop so-called conversational marketing. This technology produces immediate interaction that results in lead capture.

One of the best features of response automation is that it keeps the human side. This is because the whole conversation is made through simple interactions that give the idea of that humanization. All this you can apply through the following tools:

Instant Messaging Marketing

The use of couriers for marketing has become ideal in 2021 for business growth. WhatsApp opened up to the business world in 2018, and that made its use modified over time.

The central differential between the use of instant messaging and email is in the convenience offered by the immediacy of a chat platform. The user feels that they can communicate whenever and from anywhere. Another advantage is that it gives you the feeling that you have control in finding the information you need.

One way to streamline conversations on WhatsApp is through chatbots, widely used on banking platforms. Robots allow asynchronous discussions, which means that the user will answer instantly or days later without losing the conversation thread. This isn’t easy to achieve in emails.

Website Chatbots

Website Chatbots

An increase of up to 33% in your leads is possible with chatbots on your website, a higher reach than traditional contact forms. They have excellent data capture capability, and the interactive experience they offer makes them very entertaining for users.

The massification of the use of social networks makes the naturalness of chatbots more enjoyable. People prefer to answer all the questions a robot does, in a friendly way, then fill out a form that can be boring.


70% of Latin American users use WhatsApp, so it would be absurd not to use it for customer engagement. Many companies have already realized this reality, which is why one of the trends of 2021 is to bring traffic to WhatsApp.

Another benefit that WhatsApp offers is that it allows users to find what they are looking for in a few minutes. Thanks to the Bussines version of the application, you can create templates for automated responses, as well as catalogs of the products or services you offer.

The powerful WhatsApp and its efficiency in closing sales make it necessary to redirect users to the instant messaging application. That’s why on social media, it’s very common to see phrases like do you want to be served by WhatsApp? or for more information, press the link, and we talk on WhatsApp.

Sponsored Message

It’s a strategy to engage users who have already made contact with your brand at some point. Its use is possible within Facebook Ads to search for all those people who have written to you at some point. It’s a way to reactivate potential customers and offer better deals.

Lead Nurturing AI

This 2021 also presents the possibility to measure lead acquisition results in an automated manner. This action helps to dismiss promptly those leads that do not serve without stopping the process.

In conclusion, instant messaging sets the tone in 2021 with new methods to capture leads. WhatsApp stands out for being the most used chat application. However, chatbots also play an essential role. I hope this post will help you improve the lead acquisition of your blog.

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