3 Essential Tools for a Blogger in Action

A blogger’s functions have evolved over the years. Who previously only was dedicated to writing must now make other types of content. This reality makes the essential tools for a blogger also change. This post is to make it clear what resources you’ll need to run your blog successfully.

Videos and podcasts are increasingly searched content by Internet users, so it is recommended that they be incorporated into your blog. That’s why every blogger should look for the tools to create this content and capture more audiences.

On the other hand, the need to offer original content searches is increasingly done outside the Internet. A good blogger should go to the streets to do interviews with experts or collect testimonials of experiences to ensure unique content.

Contents that can’t be missing from your blog

In this post’s front lines, I’ve already said that podcast is a content format that’s booming a lot lately. On the other hand, some videos have more captured internet users’ attention. Finally, the interview technique gives your blog more credibility. To be able to know each format in detail, the detail below:


The podcast concept is based on traditional radio

The podcast concept is based on traditional radio, but you can listen to it streaming with the added value thanks to an Internet connection. Let’s remember that radio was always the most powerful and penetration in the audience within traditional media.

One of the great benefits of this type of content is hearing it anywhere and doing another activity. Some listen to it while driving, cooking, or exercising.

The ease of downloading it makes it also possible to hear without having an Internet connection. You can take advantage of this feature to develop value content, so users want to save your podcast and listen to it multiple times. To achieve that, you must make them timeless not to lose validity with ease.


The video is ideal for very complex themes to explain

The audiovisual format has been positioned in recent years. Many people prefer to watch a video tutorial instead of reading it. A video makes it easy to get information, which makes it so sought after. The combination of audio and image better captures users’ attention, as long as it is quality content.

The video is ideal for very complex themes to explain because, through the image, you can say many things. On the other hand, internet users also like to know who’s behind a blog, so you can’t rule out videos where you appear explaining something.

You can say many things through a video. The important thing is to know the tools to make them well. I recommend that you start by making the simplest ones, it can be with a fixed camera and you talking. Then if you can incorporate more production and post-production elements until you get high-quality results.


The interview is a technique widely used in journalism

The interview is a technique widely used in journalism. It is about the exchange of ideas with a person on a specific topic. The purpose is to look for interviewees with recognized knowledge in the subject touched or provide a testimony of their experience.

The blogger must be clear about what data he wants to obtain through the interview. For this, he must prepare his questions in advance. The interview must be recorded so that it is then processed as faithfully as possible. Once the interview conducted, you can use it in several ways:

-> On video to complement some audiovisual material.

-> It can be part of a podcast. On many occasions, podcasts are based solely on the interview.

-> Serving as material for an article is another way to use the information collected in an interview. You can write it in different ways.

3 Essential Tools for a blogger in action

As you can see in the previous section, the blogger’s concept was only writing was in the past. The blogger must now act as a more comprehensive professional who has to be continually updating his knowledge.

The wide variety of content formats that a blog must include to ensure its success makes a computer no longer enough. A high-end smartphone can help you accomplish many tasks, but there are three tools that, if you incorporate, you will get better quality results, and these are:

Home Studio Headphones

Home Studio Headphones is on of the 3 Essential Tools for a Blogger in Action

Podcast production can be done at home with a small studio created with your computer, a microphone, and audio software. A must-have tool for this work is home studio hearing aids.

With this type of headphones, you will monitor the quality of the sound recording professionally. Besides, they also serve you to listen to music while writing a post for your blog. In online stores, there is a wide range of such headphones, and to purchase yours, you must take into account the following criteria:

-> Design: Lightweight, with an adjustable bow that makes your use more comfortable. The padding of the ears is essential to make them more comfortable.

-> Connectivity: To ensure greater sound fidelity, they should be wired. You also need to check the types of adapters they have so that you can use them on your smartphone or computer.

Hand stabilizer for Smartphone

Hand stabilizer for Smartphone is one of the 3 Essential Tools for a Blogger in Action

One of the main difficulties you may encounter when making videos with your smartphone is the image’s stability. The lightness of this type of device makes it difficult to keep the image stable. Fortunately, there are smartphone hand stabilizers.

It’s a base where you place your smartphone, and it gives you the controls to perform camera movements cleanly. Its use prevents sudden or unwanted movements that could damage your recording. Also, its functions make it easy to perform time-lapseslow movements, zoom handling, among others.

You created this artifact under the same principle of traditional photography tripods coupled with incorporating the technological aspects of the digital age. In the market, there is a wide range of such products, but before purchasing it you must take into account the following:

-> Compatibility: Most stabilizers are compatible with both Android and iOS. However, they always work through an application that is not available in all versions of the operating system.

-> Support: Each of these devices has a maximum measurement that it supports; therefore, you must compare them with your smartphone.

-> Battery: Battery life is essential to know if it will withstand long days of recording.

Hands-free microphone

Hands-free microphone

With your smartphone, you can record very high-quality videos. The problem may be in sound recording. That’s why you need to have a hands-free microphone that allows you to ensure fully readable audio, especially in interviews.

There is no doubt that with quality audio, you will be able to catch your audience better. After reviewing the types of content that can not be missing in your blog, we can say that a hands-free microphone with a tie clip will serve you both to make your podcasts, videos, and interviews.

There are many microphones of this type that you will find in online stores. That’s why I’ll give you some recommendations to make it easier for you to choose when you’re buying yours. Here are:

-> Connector Type: The most common headphone connection is 3.5 mm. However, the consoles and sound amplifiers use 6.5 mm. Also, apple’s new devices no longer bring the 3.5mm connector and plug their headphones and microphones into the lightning. Fortunately, there are adapters to avoid inconvenience, so it’s important which one you’re going to need.

-> Cable Size: Wired microphones ensure better sound recording and prevent distortions that wireless microphone waves can generate. Using the cable also means that batteries are not needed, which can be finished in the middle of recording without realizing it. The important thing at this point is to have a cable with enough extension. How do the ideas of “lack of battery” and “long cable” relate

-> Adjustment Clip: With an adjustment clip, you can place the microphone on your interviewee’s shirt, and you can almost put it where you want.

After reviewing this post, we can see how a blogger’s life is now much more dynamic. They can no longer be limited to online research. You have to take to the streets to search for original and quality content. Not to say that publication formats are becoming more and more multimedia in type.

In conclusion, to run your blog, you need more than just a computer and a smartphone. The use of home studio headphones, a smartphone hand stabilizer, and a hands-free microphone have become essential tools for a blogger in action. I hope this post will help you create content that will lead your blog to success.