How to position your blog

How to position your blog

SEO is a very useful resource that you will need to perfect to position your blog. When you choose the right positioning strategy, you generate quality traffic. From there, the importance of knowing the different SEO techniques. You also need to know when to use them, and you can differentiate them from each other, as some are less recommended than the rest. Below I will explain the features of these popular tactics so that your blog becomes a successful formula.

How to rank your blog?

Your blog is more than just a website. Blogging is becoming an art and a science at the same time because it’s growing more competitive by the day. To boost your audience, you have to be able to rank on the first page of google. There are tons of ways of doing it, but only a few of them are working today.

The techniques you need to apply to have a good SEO positioning evolve almost constantly. Some essential factors can differentiate these. However, you need to know which ones are best suited to use on your blog since not all of those who have worked before are producing good results today.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is based on some fundamental premises, such as the importance of quality content, design as an add-on, and HTML programming work. It is one of the most popular SEO techniques.

In the case of the importance of quality content, it is done to consult your website because they are interested in the range. This means you have an adequate selection of topics to offer and give users answers to their many concerns about a particular topic.

The design as an add-on refers to the adaptation of your website. It means that it must adapt to any device, that is, be responsive. This will allow your content to cover a broader range of modern equipment, reaching users when they need it most. You need to adapt and optimize the website to have an immediate load of the contents.

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Finally, programming work in HTML code is also essential. By this, I mean that search engines should not be lost while they are searching your website. The importance of keeping a clean code and organized internal structure’s premium those not helpful.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO technique to position your blog

Black Hat SEO is about breaking search engine rules, doing techniques that are penalized. Your goal is to appear in the first positions in search engines quickly. Indeed, these techniques can get your log positioned quickly. However, when you are at the top, you will notice your fall will be shocking, which will occur when the search engine algorithm discovers the use of these techniques and penalizes you.

It is part of the techniques of Black Hat SEO for all those at high risk of penalty when implementing its premises. These are keyword repetition, content plagiarism, and the use of link building in a wild way.

When you apply the keyword repeating premise, you replenish a keyword repeatedly contained, increasing the keyword’s density in the content. It was formerly of some use, but already the algorithm rejects this practice and even penalizes it.

The second related premise involves duplicating content published on other web pages. In this case, you only need to use the content of a website with traffic, and then you will have to use it as your own in your blog. Of course, by doing so, you are not only exposed to legal action for copyright disrespect but to your blog being penalized, excluding it from search engine results.

To apply the third Black Hat SEO technique, you need to create artificial links to your blog’s content intensively. This can be achieved with both bots and the purchase of links from other established pages. But beware, a significant increase in your links in a short time will be investigated, and if the trap is discovered, you will be penalized.

Grey Hat SEO

It is a technique that is debated between good and evil. It uses a lot of White Hat SEO but also applies some prohibited practices. If you want to implement it, keep in mind that you will get many traffic and benefits, although then you’re at risk of penalty.

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Grey Hat SEO techniques include using artificial links, purchasing disused or old domains, buying followers, and duplicating content.

The use of artificial bonds requires that they look as natural as possible. To do this, you can use different IPs, link building, and more. The idea is that search engine algorithms don’t suspect what you’re doing.

If you purchase old domains with similar themes to your blog, you can send links from those domains. This will make it look natural, and the search engine algorithm will not be suspicious.

Finally, if you decide to buy followers, you’ll have a sudden traffic surge on your blog.

Consequences of implementing some SEO strategies

Consequences of implementing some SEO strategies

As I described in previous paragraphs, applying SEO with fast results, even if they seem positive, are strategies that should not be used. The search engine algorithm performs constant analysis of the contents of blogs. Realizing websites linked abruptly, plagiarizing content, or using excessive keywords, penalizes you. It’s the reason why techniques like Black Hat SEO shouldn’t be perpetuated over time.

When Google’s algorithm determines that you’ve received traffic quickly, it analyzes the cause of that increase. If you detect any suspicious situations, proceed to a more thorough analysis of the website. In case you determine that you have used bad practices to position your blog (Black Hat SEO or Grey Hat SEO), Google will penalize your blog.

You can perform a penalty of 30 or more positions by downloading the position blog in the search results. Also, you can lose between 2 and 9 Page Rank points. Google can even penalize you by placing your blog in the last places or remove it from search results.

Due to the efficiency of search engines today, you should be very careful with the SEO techniques you want to use to position your blog. You can apply the White Hat SEO, which is one of the cleanest and most popular techniques. You can also use the Gray Hat SEO or the Black Hat SEO, taking special care with the latter, as it has an increased risk of penalty.

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