Kinsta Review 2024: Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Considering Kinsta for your WordPress website? This review dives deep to see if their lightning-fast speeds, stellar support, and managed features justify the price tag.

Kinsta is a high-speed managed WordPress hosting service known for its excellent performance and customer support. However, it’s on the pricier side. This review explores if the fast speeds and features justify the cost for your website.

Key Takeaways

  • Kinsta Review: Blazing Speed for WordPress Sites? See if Kinsta’s top-notch speed and service are worth the cost of your website.
  • Fast & Secure: Kinsta boasts lightning-fast loading times and top-notch security features to keep your website safe.
  • Managed WordPress: They take care of server maintenance, so you can focus on building your website.
  • Pricey Choice: Kinsta’s plans are more expensive than some competitors, but you might get what you pay for in performance.


Kinsta WordPress Hosting Features

Feature Description
Speed and Performance

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform for fast load times. Caching and CDN optimize speed.

Security Top security provisions like firewalls, monitoring, automatic updates, etc.
Support 24/7 chat, email, and phone support from WordPress experts.
Easy Scaling Automatic vertical & horizontal scaling to handle traffic spikes.
WordPress Toolkit Easy staging sites, cloning, backups, etc.
Money-back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee.


About Kinsta WordPress Webhosting

Imagine your website is like a super cool lemonade stand. You want people to come visit and try your delicious lemonade, right? But if it takes ages for them to get served because the stand is wobbly or the pitcher is empty, they might get discouraged and go somewhere else. That’s kind of how website hosting works!

Regular hosting companies are like regular lemonade stand builders. They offer different plans (like lemonade stand packages) with varying features. But what if you want the absolute best lemonade stand possible, built by experts? That’s where Kinsta comes in!

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider, which means they specialize in making WordPress websites (the most popular platform for building websites) run super fast and smoothly. They’re like the rockstars of lemonade stand construction! They take care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes, so you can focus on creating awesome content for your website, like eye-catching signs and delicious lemonade recipes!


What does Kinsta offer?

If you want fast filling times and fewer website monitoring jobs, Kinsta might be the right host for you. You’ll also have less downtime to worry about. Let’s see what you get when you register with them.


Use the Google Cloud System

Kinsta uses the Google Cloud System to provide 17 server areas for hosting your site.

What sets Kinsta apart from most other WordPress hosting providers is the Google Cloud Platform. This means WordPress sites are hosted in facilities created and maintained by Google. Companies like Spotify, Snapchat, HTC, Best Buy, Philips, and Coca-Cola also use these facilities.

As a partner of the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta allows you to host your website on advanced infrastructure. It offers 17 common web server locations. The highly scalable hardware of the Google Cloud System ensures your website always has the resources it needs for a smooth user experience. For instance, if your website goes viral, automatic scaling ensures it can handle any surge in traffic.


Automatic WordPress Website Backups

As stated, automatic daily WordPress web site back-ups belong to the solution at Kinsta. Automatic backups are kept for a minimum of 2 weeks on the entry-level plans and much longer on the greater strategies. Recovering backups is very easy, with the alternative of releasing them to your live site or the test atmosphere.

Kinsta Web Site Back-up Supervisor

WordPress website backups are conveniently managed with the Kinsta account dashboard.

Along with day-to-day backups, you can also update to six-hour and hourly backups for an extra month-to-month charge. You can additionally, by hand, create full web site backups at the touch of a switch, as and when required.

You can also download these backups for safekeeping.



Kinsta Hosting Web Site Supervisor.

Using the staging website is included with all Kinsta hosting plans; you can check out any adjustments before copying over to your live site.

All Kinsta holding strategies include accessibility to a hosting website. There, you can test out brand-new plugins, website personalizations, and code edits. You can publish your content in real-time with just one click.



Kinsta has some conveniently accessible devices that developers may discover helpful.

Developers ought to also value the ability to change between different PHP versions. Also easy restarting of the PHP engine, as well as access to the New Antique PHP keeping an eye on the device. There’s likewise a search-and-replace function that comes from the Kinsta control panel for making changes to the components of your WordPress website data source.


Kinsta Dashboard

Kinsta has developed their very own personalized control panel when it comes to handling your account. The My Kinsta portal is extremely simple to browse and also enables you to do jobs such as creating brand-new WordPress web sites, upgrading any plugins you’ve mounted on your site, and handling backups.

My Kinsta Account Administration Control Panel.

Kinsta makes use of a custom-made control panel for account and website monitoring.

You can check out source usage statistics to see how much of your plan allowance you have taken in, and additionally, you can watch website visitor analytics with the control panel.


Setting up WordPress.

Once you’ve joined Kinsta, you can visit the personalized control panel as well as develop a WordPress internet site. The process is uncomplicated, and in simply a couple of clicks, you’ll have a brand new WordPress installation set up and ready to go.


Create a new WordPress site.

Producing a new WordPress installation only takes a few clicks with Kinsta.

If you’re hosting multiple sites with Kinsta through one account, those sites can be taken care of via the same dashboard.


Kinsta Site Management Panel.

Multiple WordPress web sites can be taken care of through the very same dashboard account.

As soon as you’ve logged in to your Kinsta account dashboard, you can likewise get in touch with the support staff through the live 24/7 chat solution. Although Kinsta does not provide telephone assistance, you can send a ticket or utilize Messenger to get to the help desk.


Kinsta Host Efficiency: How Fast is the Lemonade Stand?

Have you ever raced your friends to see who could build the fastest lemonade stand? Well, website speed is kind of like that! A slow website is like a wobbly stand that takes forever to set up, frustrating potential customers. Kinsta does special tests on your website (like a lemonade stand inspection!) to see how fast it loads. They use a fancy term called “core web vitals” to measure this. Basically, they check how quickly your website shows up on a visitor’s screen and how smoothly it runs.

Kinsta is famous for being one of the fastest-managed WordPress hosting companies around. They use super powerful computers and special tricks (like keeping the ice cold and the lemons fresh!) to make sure your website loads in a flash, just like a perfectly built lemonade stand that gets customers served quickly! In the next section, we’ll dive into some test results to see how fast Kinsta really is for hosting your WordPress website!


Kinsta Loading Time Test Results.

To find out if Kinsta is really as fast as they say, people have done a lot of speed tests. They made test sites and hosted them on Kinsta, then used special tools to see how long it took for the sites to load. And guess what? Kinsta did an awesome job!

In most of the tests, websites hosted on Kinsta loaded in just a couple of seconds. That’s really fast! It means that when someone visits your site, they won’t have to wait a long time for it to show up on their screen. And that’s important because if your site is too slow, people might get bored and go somewhere else.


Kinsta Pingdom Page Speed Outcomes.

The typical load time for the WordPress site using the Twenty Seventeen theme was 307 milliseconds.

The page loads in much less than one-third of a second. The results revealed that the website using the lightweight Twenty Seventeen theme loaded extremely rapidly. Compared to the results from the entry-level Bluehost as well as HostGator plans, Kinsta were much faster.

Nonetheless, in case you prepare to utilize a much more feature-rich WordPress style, let’s  see exactly how Kinsta executes with a more heavyweight choice.


Kinsta 7-day speed test results using Avada, a multipurpose theme

Avada is a popular WordPress theme. It can create almost any type of website and comes with many features. However, it often results in larger file sizes, leading to slower loading times, especially with entry-level shared hosting.

To test how well Kinsta’s affordable WordPress hosting handles multi-purpose themes, we set up Avada on our test site and imported one of its prebuilt website demos. We recorded the loading time every thirty minutes for seven days. The Avada theme made the file size of the tested page much larger.

The Avada Demo homepage loaded in 1.25 seconds on average over seven days.

The Avada Agency demo homepage also loaded in 1.25 seconds. It had a much larger data size of 5.14 MB, compared to the lightweight theme’s file size of 265 KB.

Since your homepage may not have all the features of the Avada Agency demo, we also tested the loading time of a basic post created with this theme.


The Avada Agency article web page was also tested with Pingdom.

Regardless of having a smaller data dimension of 2.11 MB, compared to the 5.14 MB of the Avada Agency demonstration homepage, the filling time strangely wasn’t any kind of much faster, being available in at 1.56 secs, compared with the 1.25 seconds of the website.

Although the data dimension was smaller than that of the Avada homepage, the test article did not load any quicker.

In either case, Kinsta could provide significant loading times while also making use of an Avada showcase demonstration loaded with resource-rich features as well as widgets. You can see how much longer the very same style required to make use of the managed WordPress hosting solution from Envato in our testimonial.


Kinsta hosting website speed tests summary

So, after all those speed tests, what’s the verdict? Is Kinsta really one of the best WordPress hosting providers? The answer is a big yes! Websites hosted on Kinsta load super fast, which is exactly what you want for your site.But speed isn’t the only good thing about Kinsta. They also have a lot of other great features, like easy backups, a helpful support team, and a cool dashboard for managing your sites. Plus, they specialize in WordPress hosting, so they know exactly what WordPress sites need to run their best.


Loading time performance testing

What about more complex WordPress installs? To find out, we set up a test site with a popular e-commerce plugin, products, and categories. We ran speed tests to see how Kinsta’s hosting would handle the added complexity. Kinsta delivered impressive results. Even with the complexity of an e-commerce site, our test site still loaded in under 2 seconds on average. This is due to Kinsta’s premium managed WordPress hosting, optimized for performance and speed.

Kinsta stands out from other hosting companies because of their WordPress performance focus. They use various techniques to ensure that WordPress sites on their platform load quickly, even under heavy traffic. This includes server-level caching, CDN integration, and more. Kinsta also offers features that improve your site’s loading time. Their hosting packages come with built-in CDN integration, speeding up your site by serving content from servers closer to your visitors. They also offer free SSL certificates, improving your site’s security and speed.

Our loading time performance testing of Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting left us impressed. With cutting-edge technology, expert support, and a focus on WordPress performance, Kinsta is a top option for hosting a fast-loading WordPress website. Note that this review contains affiliate links. If you sign up for Kinsta hosting through these links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


Kinsta uptime percentage test results

An additional reason to choose costs management WordPress holding over less costly and reduced-efficiency alternatives is a reduction in periods when your web site is down or not available. A few of the very best value entry-level shared hosts offer 99.9% degrees of uptime, and, while this looks excellent theoretically, over a year that works out to be over eight hours of downtime.


Uptime Calculations

Kinsta assurance 99.9% uptime, which equates to simply over 10 minutes of downtime a week; however, in our examinations, 100% uptime was achieved.

Kinsta additionally has a 99.9% uptime warranty, with money off your bill if the uptime drops listed below this level. Nonetheless, during our examinations, Pingdom recorded an excellent uptime of 100% over seven days.

The test websites stayed online and were also available for 100% of the time throughout the seven-day examination duration.

So, although Kinsta doesn’t assure 100% uptime, we did not experience any downtime during our test period. The very same could not be said of Bluehost, GoDaddy, or SiteGround in similar examinations we performed previously, where these less costly hosting plans experienced some minutes of downtime each.

That covers our screening of the Kinsta-managed WordPress hosting solution. Currently, let’s take a look at how much you need to pay to organize your internet site with Kinsta.


Kinsta Pricing Details: WordPress Hosting Plans

Based on the information provided in the search results, here is the latest Kinsta Hosting Pricing Details in table format:

Plan Name Monthly Price Annual Price Websites Allowed Monthly Visits Storage Free Migrations
Starter $35 $30 1 25,000 10 GB 1
Pro $70 $60 2 50,000 20 GB 2
Business 1 $115 $100 5 100,000 30 GB 3
Business 2 $225 $200 10 250,000 40 GB 4
Business 3 $340 $300 20 400,000 50 GB 5
Business 4 $450 $400 40 600,000 60 GB 6
Enterprise $675 $600 60 1,000,000 100 GB 7


Additional Kinsta pricing details:

  • All plans come with free CDN, SSL, and staging environments
  • Enterprise plans can scale up to 150 websites and 3,000,000 monthly visits
  • Overage fees are $1 per 1,000 visits
  • Annual plans provide 2 months free hosting

Kinsta also offers these additional hosting services:

  • Static Sites: Free
  • Web Applications: $7 per month (free trial available)
  • Databases: $18 per month (free trial available)

The first $20 is free on application and database hosting plans. Pricing is resource-based so you only pay for what you use and can scale as needed.


Should You Use Kinsta for Your WordPress Website in 2024? 

Choosing the right website hosting can feel overwhelming! This table breaks down Kinsta’s offerings to see if it’s the best fit for your WordPress website in 2024.

Feature Kinsta Pros & Cons
Hosting Type Managed WordPress Hosting Focused on WordPress performance & security. No server management needed for you!
Data Centers 28+ Global Locations (as of 2024) Ensures fast loading times for visitors worldwide.
Hosting Platform Google Cloud Platform Powerful & reliable infrastructure for top performance.
Best for Busy WordPress Sites, E-commerce Stores, and growing Websites Needs may change based on traffic and website goals.
Pricing Plans Starter, Pro, Business 1, Business 4 Tiered plans based on website traffic and storage needs.
Managed WordPress Hosting Yes (Included) Kinsta takes care of server maintenance and security updates.
Database Hosting Yes (Included) MySQL databases are included in all plans.
Is Kinsta the Best Hosting Provider? It depends on Your Needs Kinsta excels in performance & security, but may not be the most budget-friendly option for all.
Kinsta Review 2024 Read Our Full Review Here! Dive deeper into Kinsta’s features and pricing and see if it’s the right choice for you.
Alternative Options Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting Consider these for lower upfront costs, but may require more technical knowledge.

Additional Considerations:

    • Free WordPress Plugins: Kinsta doesn’t restrict the use of free and popular WordPress plugins you might need.
    • Local WordPress Development: Kinsta doesn’t offer local development environments, but there are workarounds and other options available.
    • Free Email Hosting: Kinsta doesn’t provide email hosting, but it integrates with popular email providers like G Suite.
    • Kinsta Customer Support: 24/7 Support via live chat is available for all Kinsta plans.
    • Kinsta Pros: Speed, Security, Scalability, Easy to Use, Great Support | Focuses on features that directly benefit your WordPress website. |
    • Kinsta Cons: Pricing: It may be pricier than some shared hosting options. 


Before You Decide:

    • Research your hosting needs: How much traffic does your website get? What are your future growth plans?
    • Consider your budget. Kinsta offers premium managed hosting, so factor in the cost when comparing options.


Pros and Cons for Different Users

User Type Pros Cons
Small Business Owner Fast, secure hosting with great support. Easy to manage without needing server expertise. Can be pricier than some basic shared hosting options.
Blogger Enhances website performance for a smoother user experience. Great for blogs with growing traffic. It may be overkill for a simple hobby blog with low traffic.
Ecommerce Store Critical for handling surges in traffic during sales or promotions. Keeps your online store running smoothly. Might not be the most budget-friendly option for very small stores.



1. Is Kinsta WordPress hosting suitable for high-traffic websites?

Yes, Kinsta’s powerful infrastructure and optimized servers ensure excellent performance even under high traffic loads.

2. Can I easily migrate my existing WordPress site to Kinsta?

Absolutely! Kinsta offers a hassle-free migration plugin that makes transferring your site seamless and quick.

3. Does Kinsta provide automatic daily backups?

Yes, Kinsta takes daily automatic backups of your website, ensuring your data is always safe and easily accessible.

4. What kind of support does Kinsta offer?

Kinsta provides 24/7 expert support through live chat, a ticketing system, and extensive knowledge base articles.

5. Can I easily scale up my hosting plan as my website grows?

Definitely! Kinsta offers flexible scalability options, allowing you to easily upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate your website’s growth.

Final Verdict

As you can see, Kinsta provides fast-managed WordPress hosting with excellent degrees of uptime and also the ability to manage several visitors at the same time.

You additionally get access to some truly beneficial functions, such as automatic website back-ups, safety, and security tracking, as well as an easy-to-use staging environment. The assistance personnel is valuable and receptive through the 24/7 live chat solution.

Kinsta pricing is in line with various other handled WordPress holding suppliers. It’s not low-cost compared to common entry-level hosting. However, in all areas, Kinsta is a considerable step up from low-cost web hosting.

So, if you’re seeking a much faster as well as more trusted host for your WordPress site, or if you wish to introduce your brand-new site on managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is the solution for you.

If you’re still not exactly sure, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you might always subscribe and move your site to the staging environment. You can then see on your own just how promptly your website loads, with the alternative of getting a reimbursement if you’re not happy with the results.

Unleash the Potential of Your Website with Kinsta

  • Lightning-fast performance to keep your visitors engaged
  • Reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime for uninterrupted browsing
  • Secure infrastructure with advanced protection against threats
  • Managed WordPress sites for a seamless experience
  • Expert support is available 24/7 to assist you promptly

Why Choose Kinsta?

  1. Unmatched Speed: Experience blazing-fast loading times with Kinsta’s advanced server configuration.
  2. Rock-Solid Reliability: Say goodbye to downtime and hello to a reliable hosting solution that keeps your website up and running.
  3. Top-Notch Security: Protect your website from threats with Kinsta’s robust security measures, including advanced firewalls and DDoS protection.
  4. Managed WordPress Sites: Enjoy a hassle-free WordPress experience with staging environments, automatic backups, and performance monitoring tools.
  5. Exceptional Support: Benefit from Kinsta’s 24/7 expert support, ensuring that any issues you encounter are quickly resolved.


Take Your Website to the Next Level with Kinsta

Ready to supercharge your website’s performance and provide your visitors with an exceptional browsing experience? Click here to get started with Kinsta today!


Take Your Website to the Next Level with Kinsta

Ready to supercharge your website’s performance and provide your visitors with an exceptional browsing experience? Click here to get started with Kinsta today!


Unleash the Potential of Your Website with Kinsta

Lightning-fast performance, rock-solid reliability, and expert support




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