What are the best online tools for Affiliate Marketing

Do you have any idea what are the best online tools for Affiliate Marketing?

If it’s Yes, then you have a chance to succeed in affiliate marketing. Because these tools are perfect for affiliate marketing, and if you know some of them, your chances of success are high. 

Some tools I have come across along my affiliate marketing journey have saved me hours and made me more money. Affiliate marketing is a trendy way to make extra cash online. There are a ton of online tools for affiliate marketing that can help you succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or have been in the industry for years. There is always room for improvement! 

Let’s be honest for a moment; affiliate marketing is an uphill climb. It takes work and knowledge of the industry to get results. This article will share what I believe are the best online tools for Affiliate Marketing with you. 

Hosting Tools

So, you want to start an affiliate blog that ranks organically in search engine results pages? That’s great news! Making a profit with your affiliate blog shouldn’t be hard. It should only take a few minutes per day to make it happen.

For your blog to show up in search engine results pages, you need a website that loads fast and performs well.

So if you want to have an affiliate program that converts well, it’s essential to use a managed WordPress hosting company.


siteground-hosting - SiteGround Web-Hosting Review 2019

SiteGround was created by a team of web designers in 2004, and today we proudly host over one million websites for our customers. You can be confident that your website will run faster, be more secure, and have more features running on our hosting platforms. 

SiteGround is a premium web hosting company that provides managed and dedicated servers, cloud solutions, and shared hosting. SiteGround is an award-winning, world-class, top-level domain hosting provider and datacenter. It offers cheap domain name registration, unlimited free domain parking, free SSL certificate, and 24/7 technical support. Our hosting solutions include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. 

SiteGround is a web hosting company built on rock-solid state-of-the-art technology. We offer shared hosting, Linux VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, reseller plans, and dedicated servers. SiteGround is committed to giving you everything you need for your web presence so that you can focus on growing your business. 

A great domain name is an essential start of your online presence. It is the first step to offer information, products, or services via your Internet site. With SiteGround Web Hosting, you get much more: SPEED, RELIABILITY, and UNLIMITED.

Siteground is a managed hosting provider, which means we take care of the backend server maintenance, so you don’t have to. We’ll do everything in our power to keep your site downtime-free. 


Cloudways Review - How to Enhance your site's performance with premium cloud Hosting

Cloudways is the simplest and fastest way of deploying containerized apps in production, on top of Cloudways Cloud Hosting infrastructure. 

It is offering a full-featured, fully managed platform designed to optimize the performance of WordPress sites. Unlike the previous generations of shared or compromised hosting providers, we provide optimized performance environments for our users on both Digital Ocean and VULTR. We have spent a tremendous amount of time fine-tuning our software stack to ensure that you will get the best out of your server resources and keep your users happy using an intuitive and modern interface. 

It offers a managed cloud hosting platform focused on WordPress and optimized for speed, power, and ease of use. As an IT company that develops open-source solutions, Cloudways believes in the open-source ideology: to understand your needs better to offer customized products and services. 

Cloudways brings you a great cloud computing experience without the complexity. We sync servers in 5 locations and provide SSD (RAID10) storage. Each server comes with 0.5 TB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, RVSkins for unique and beautiful designs, SCP/SSH access, HTTP/2, and PHP 7 support. 

This is cloud hosting that is 100% managed by developers. It offers managed cloud hosting experts. 

Cloudways is a platform as a service that enables developers to deploy and scale apps on top of multiple clouds. 

Cloudways is an ultimate cloud hosting platform that is a combination of multiple clouds for hosting your applications. It offers you the complete flexibility to choose the best cloud services for your website. Just select your cloud server depending upon the requirements of your website in a single click and deploy your PHP websites on cloud servers instantly. 

Writing Tools

The beauty of being an Internet marketer or affiliate is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to make money. But even so, it doesn’t hurt if you are good at putting words together. From writing your sales copy to making articles for your blog, learning how to use the best online writing tools can take your business from amateur to pro.



Grammarly is a language-learning app that teaches you to write better. It detects and corrects your grammatical errors. It’s real-time, and it works wherever you do! 

Grammarly is a technology that helps you write without mistakes. Using Grammarly is like having a college professor or expensive proofreader on standby. It’s available for Windows and Mac computers. Its mobile apps will soon follow! 

Grammarly runs in your web browser, which allows us to offer you an array of features that are not possible with English language word processors. Grammarly can fully type and spelling-checking everything you write in Word documents, Gmail messages, Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn status updates, Pomello.com… You name it! 

Grammarly’s language-enhancing software finds and corrects over 250 types of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors—instantly. It checks all of your words in real-time. Grammarly is easy to set up and works seamlessly in Microsoft Office and across the Internet—anywhere you write online. 

Grammarly is your grammar coach – and it’s completely free!

It detects your mistakes as you type and gives you side-by-side suggestions for correcting them. Grammarly runs in your browser, so log in and click ‘Check’ to write better. Just a few minutes of writing with Grammarly can help you improve your grammar skills. 

Grammarly runs as a plugin inside your favorite apps. You won’t have to switch to a different tool when you write an email, paper, or article. (We run inside your web browser too!) Grammarly’s precise algorithms and big data engine check for over 250 types of writing errors with just one click. Our technology is simple to use and understand. We are the only grammar checking program built by professional editors working in publishing at companies like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard University. 

Once you install Grammarly, you won’t stop using it! It’s that good. It is the only grammar checker that works across all your devices–your smartphone, tablet, and computer–so you can always have a second pair of eyes with you to proofread anytime, anywhere. 


Frase.io is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you research information for your content. It will find and automatically summarize the best content from forums and newspapers in just a couple of clicks, so you can spend more time writing (instead of researching). 

Frase is an AI-powered content finding and automation tool that helps you research online. It will find the best content on any topic and summarize it in a simple, readable way for you! 

Frase is the first AI-based tool that helps you save time by automating your research routines. The content discovery and sourcing tool will find articles worth reading, summarize them in minutes, and immediately present them to you on a single page. You can then use this summarized text to write a blog post or send it to your favorite editor. The tool uses cutting-edge NLP techniques and the latest tech trends in machine learning and deep learning to deliver on this promise. 

Frase.io is a platform that allows people to find content on the web in two ways: search by keywords or by topic description, and automate research with AI. With this tool, people can quickly digest content and save time while creating outstanding proposals, inspiring speeches, or doing research! 

Frase will simplify your content research, saving you countless hours from having to search or monitor each of these sources. Frase is there when you need it, only summarizing the best content on the web. Now you can spend more time focused on what matters to your business and less time searching and reading the web. 


Using CopyAI’s automated creativity tools, our system can generate marketing copy in seconds – and it works 24/7. We created an AI system that reads millions of books and generates ideas for sales messages, body text, and more. 

Copy.AI uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate page-perfect business and marketing copy automatically. No more writer’s block, no more re-reading the same article, and no more struggling to come up with a unique idea; CopyAI generates high-quality content specifically for you. 

CopyAI is the world’s first artificial intelligence copywriting solution. If you hate churning out content, let CopyAI handle it for you. 

With CopyAI, marketing automation copywriting is easy. You provide the outline, and CopyAI takes care of the creativity. Using advanced natural language generation, all you need to do is set it up once and let CopyAI do the rest. 

Copy.ai helps you to write content fast and easily

You’ve always been good at writing—but for some reason, you can’t come up with the marketing copy you need fast enough. The CopyAI platform solves this issue by automatically generating unique words for headlines, articles, social media posts, and more. CopyAI extracts its content ideas from multiple sources, including online keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. By combining all of these elements and using a deep learning algorithm to select patterns that resonate best with our clients, we can create content much faster than any writer could on their own. 

CopyAI works by showing you a beach photo and asking how you feel when you see it. Then, CopyAI asks you to explain what’s in the photo, and finally to describe how you feel about those things in the photo. CopyAI takes your answers and uses them to create real marketing copy that converts prospects into customers. 

Copy.ai helps you to write content fast and easily. This is the only software available to suggest headlines, descriptions, social media updates, and much more. Just keep typing – CopyAI will do the rest to generate unique data-driven marketing content for you. The team at CopyAI™ has been studying machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, and writing and blogging for a long time now. Finally, they have created an ingenious and efficient tool that will help you generate readable copy for your blog posts in seconds.

Site Speed

Site Speed is a significant ranking factor from Google and other search engines that emphasize site speed in their algorithm. A 1-second delay in your website can reduce conversions by 12% and lost revenue by 6%!

Site speed is vital for search engines, average users, and mobile users. Site speed can be identified as one of the ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, and it can also decide whether a visitor stays or leaves your site. It can also have an impact on your bounce rate.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a must for any WordPress website owner who cares about user experience, page speed, and search engine rankings. It’s super-simple to use – activate WP Rocket on your site, cache everything you publish and done. But the best part is that you can Configure WP Rocket settings based on your specific needs. 

I describe my experience with WP Rocket and how it improved the page load time for my site. We all know how important page load speed is for SEO, conversions, and user experience. WP Rocket is a must-have plugin for any WordPress website owner who cares about these things. 

WP Rocket is an essential must-have plugin for web admins and developers working with WordPress to improve their site user experience, load speed, search engine rankings. It comes preloaded with all the bases covered to achieve these goals. 

WP Rocket is the most popular caching plugin, featuring blazing-fast performance, detailed reports, and full integration with other WordPress optimization plugins. Fast-switching to CDN networks, WP Rocket minifies files on the fly, reducing load times for your visitors and keeping search engines happy. 

WP Rocket is an all-in-one plugin designed to boost your WordPress page speed.

Key features include:

  • Site Acceleration, which removes unused CSS and JS files from your website; 
  • Gzip compression for faster downloads and reduced bandwidth costs; Automatic Image Optimization; and a 
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) allows you to cache content at edge nodes worldwide, so your visitors avoid slowdowns and bad routing problems. 

WP Rocket is an incredible tool for managing the performance of your WordPress website. It comes with many features, some self-explanatory, and others require deeper diving to understand them truly. 

WP Rocket speeds up your website by caching the most resource-intensive WordPress files, like images and scripts. The cache is stored on the cloud, so it’s 100% safe and makes your site incredibly fast. Fast sites are also more responsive and better performing in search results. 

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience. You can build strong customer relationships and improve the quality of your leads. But, it can be pretty time-consuming and expensive to start a campaign from scratch.

Email marketing has become the most popular and effective tool for e-commerce businesses and service providers. More than 79% of people open their inboxes and read emails with advertisements. If you want to reach your target audience via email, you should start your email marketing campaign. Out of all available platforms like social media, blogs, etc., you can’t ignore email marketing in your business strategy. It’s easy to execute a campaign with real-time analytics and better ROI.


GetResponse is a Powerful Email Marketing solution

GetResponse offers an array of email marketing and automation tools for professional marketers, including the GetResponse CRM, landing pages, and SMS marketing to automate your direct mail campaigns and a unique feature for using video in email. 

It is one of the most important email marketing platforms globally, delivering fantastic business results since 2005. The company has over 1 million customers from 196 countries and utilizes more than 96 different languages. 

This email marketing tool is exceptionally user-friendly. Its drag-and-drop design gives you the flexibility to design your page or opt for one of their templates. This means you can create a professional subscription form and impress customers.

GetResponse allows you to create beautiful, branded email campaigns in minutes. Connect to your existing CRM or other online tools, and create a captivating experience that drives measurable results. 

It offers simple, affordable, and effective online marketing tools designed to help you grow your business. GetResponse’s easy-to-use email marketing software features drag & drop campaign creation, which helps you craft and send unique messages based on your audience’s behavior. It also allows for unlimited A/B testing of subject lines and links in various languages and currencies. 

Social Media

Social media has become increasingly important to online marketing in recent years. A variety of social networks allow you to engage with your audience and potential customers, build brand awareness, and gain valuable data for analyzing and optimizing campaigns. 

As a marketer, you must know how to best use social networks. That’s where social media tools come into play. These helpful tools will help you find, schedule, share, and track links on all of the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.


Tailwind Social Media App

Tailwind is the most powerful Pinterest scheduling tool for businesses, bloggers, and influencers. It automates your social so you can focus on what matters––your creative work. 

Tailwind offers a solution to discover, manage, and boost posts on Instagram. Highlights include an advantage in discoverability for posts as ranked by engagement. This unique algorithm allows the content creator to make informed decisions about who and how to boost each post and easily monitor performance from within the Tailwind app. 

Tailwind is a free social media scheduling tool that makes it easy to schedule your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Select a day of the week, and tell Tailwind how many times you want to post, and Tailwind will spread the content throughout the week.

Schedule and promote digital content

Tailwind helps Pinterest users like you discover new content, gain new followers, and engage with your audience. People who joined in 2014 got over 1 billion from Pinterest through the app. 

Set and schedule once, and then stop worrying about when to post on social media. Tailwind will create new posts for you and help you reach more people on multiple social media platforms. 

Tailwind is a social media marketing platform that allows you to schedule and promote digital content. With a focus on viral content, Tailwind helps bring content to the attention of a larger audience from your current fans, followers, and readers. You can use Tailwind on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress.com. 

Get the quickest, easiest way to grow your Pinterest and Instagram followers with Tailwind. Increase social media engagement, grow followers and traffic, track analytics across multiple profiles, and schedule all of your pins in one place. 

SEO Tools

If you are involved in Affiliate Marketing, I am sure that you have a list of SEO tools you use, whether on your laptop or desktop. Here’s the list if you didn’t fall in love with our tool suggestions.

There are many SEO tools out there that can make your life a much more manageable digital marketer. I’ve made the difficult decision for you by outlining the top free SEO tools available online right now.

Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO blog and website that features a mix of original content, tools, and industry news. I have been working on Rank Math to create the best rank tracking tool with great design. 

Rank Math is an SEO blog and website containing many tools, tips, and news. It also has some excellent guides to help you learn the basics of SEO for beginners. 

Rank Math is a new tool to help you run keyword rank checks daily. You can do this by entering your keyword into our box, saving the data you entered. This way, we can keep track of your keyword’s changes over time. This is great for SEOs who want to see if they’ve been climbing in rankings or not. Our main feature lets you track a keyword’s search volume over time. There is also a widget that allows you to embed your rank checker onto your site. 

WordPress plugin

Rank Math is all about sharing my knowledge and insights into SEO, as well as web development, startups, and charts. I share a lot of detailed reviews of SEO tools. These are great for marketers and web admins looking to improve their site’s rankings or optimize for specific keywords and terms. But you don’t have to be an expert in search marketing or analytics to learn a thing or two here. I enjoy sharing my marketing tips, and seeing what works for me (and others) can have the same effect on your business. 

Rank Math is a community wherein I share new SEO models and tools and old posts that I’ve rewritten, updated, and expanded to provide more value. 

This SEO tool offers the ability to track keywords, daily search volumes, and complete analytics on all your rankings its an excellent tool for everything from keyword research to competitor profiling. 

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin for those that want to track their keyword positions. It provides you with access to your data and improved insights that will improve your AdWords campaign. 

Take Action Now

 Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn a side income online because it is very scalable. But the problem with affiliate marketing is that there are too many people who want to jump into this field without taking action.

Affiliate marketing is all about taking action. There are dozens of different strategies out there, and what works best for you can often be highly personal and situational. But the one thing that remains consistent is that you actually have to do something.