Overcoming Blog Stagnation

Overcoming Blog Stagnation: Simple Tips for Success

Overcoming blog stagnation goes through making an objective assessment of the strategies applied in your web project. That is, review your niche, user behavior, look at your competition, quality of your content, etc. It is usual for any business to suffer at any given time of stagnation, the idea is to detect in time and reverse the situation, so I bring some helpful advice.

What is the stagnation of your blog?

The stagnation of your blog occurs when your digital space does not receive visits from your target audience. In other words, the website has no activity for a certain period. Detecting this situation is very simple. You can link your website to the Google Analytics tool, and the platform produces a detailed report of the status of your Page.

Most blogs that don’t generate traffic are because they’re less than a year old. On the other hand, they may not have their domains or administrators perform bad SEO practices, which leads to search engines sanctioning their spaces.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply the optimization techniques correctly and know the updates of the different search engines’ criteria to position the portal.

Blog stagnation is one of the most common blogging problems. This situation occurred when your blog crossed a certain period without any update. Blogs that do not generate traffic and earn money, hence getting to a point where they have nothing new to write about, and it is challenging to find again the motivation to continue with your project.

The reality is that the big blogs also went through this situation. They also had their highs and lows and were even likely to get to rock bottom. However, the remarkable thing is that they learned from their mistakes and were convinced to move forward and take corrective action.

List of 7 tips to overcoming blog stagnation

Here’s a list of 7 tips for overcoming blog stagnation.

1. Review the strategy

Following SWOT analysis strategy will help you overcome blog stagnation

If you’ve been blogging for a while, the chances are that your blog has become stagnant. You probably have some regular readers, but your blog isn’t attracting new readers as fast as it used to. This is often the result of a lack of strategy for promoting and engaging with your audience. It’s essential to figure out where you’ve gone wrong in your current marketing efforts so that you can take the right steps going forward.

As a blogger, you must be self-cryptic and objective about fulfilling the strategy outlined. In this sense, I recommend that you apply in your web project a technique that is very effective in digital marketing, known as the SWOT analysis. It allows you to detect weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats that may affect your blog’s performance. Consequently, it is a strategic planning tool that enables you to study the current situation of your digital space.

When applying the technique, it is essential to establish a period to evaluate the correctives’ results. Taking into account the number of visits, comments, traffic generated, most read pages, etc.

2. Know your target audience 

Reach out to your target audience

Every blogger wants to grow their blog. On the one hand, if you own a WordPress blog, you have the advantage of the flexibility to do whatever you want as long as it’s within the realms of WordPress. On the other hand, with so many different options to go with, it might be not easy knowing which direction to go in first. This is where a lot of bloggers get stuck – they are looking for that one strategy that will work for everyone. There isn’t just 1 single strategy or solution for all problems. You need to know your target audience and cater to what he or she likes before rolling out your strategy.

You must often ask your readers what their needs, expectations, etc. are. This will allow you to detect a change in its behavior to adjust the content plan immediately. This is very significant when building the post. The communication strategy should be oriented in offering the benefit that your service or product has.

Also, you’re probably not reaching the right users because you’re not using the proper channels. Then, I recommend applying surveys, sending emails asking questions about their interests, desires, social networks they use, etc.

3. Get away from your competitors

Stop focusing on your competitors

Most bloggers get stagnant because they are too focused on their competitors. They spend too much time trying to compete with the biggest blogs and not doing what really matters in building a successful blog. Blogging isn’t about being better than the next guy or gal. It’s about giving your audience what they want and value. Your focus should be on yourself, managing your resources, and building something of high quality that attracts your target audience. 

When they arrive on a website, users want to see practical, fresh, modern, attractive content with a personal touch. These elements help you differentiate from your rivals. You’re going to be able to position your brand and build your reputation in your niche. For example, one way to do this is to offer different formats such as infographics, guides, tutorials, ebooks to capture visitors’ attention and get their data.

4. Apply scannability 

Many bloggers overcome blog stagnation by changing their approach. They:

  • Start blogging about new topics.
  • Switch their style of writing to a different one or even begin their blogging journey all over again.
  • Might also start following other bloggers and reading other blogs to learn new things and techniques while applying them in their blogger journey.

In addition to writing, formatting your content for readability is another must. In short, it means applying the art of making the text scannable. Unreadable or uninteresting text won’t keep readers on your website for a long time.

It is another element that you must work on overcoming blog stagnation, to elaborate texts that are scannable. Remember that scannability helps visitors detect the information of interest and immerse themselves in reading, increasing the time of the session. This aspect is valued by search engines, as it is an indicator that the content is relevant to users. 

5. Refresh your blog design

Refreshing the design of your blog is essential

Another aspect that you should analyze is the user interface of your digital space. Remember that modern users are visual. That is, your website has to offer attractive elements that at the same time lead visitors to navigate to the other pages of your blog. On the Internet, many free and paid templates will help you capture the attention of your visitors. 

The time for a new and fresh look has come! The old CSS templates are not attractive anymore, and there is much more to be found in the world of blog layouts. Make your blog more appealing with gorgeous themes, exciting colors, creative fonts and photos, and loads of other design elements that will help you improve your position on search engine ranking algorithm results pages.

The important thing here is to find a template that matches your webpage. Otherwise, it does not serve its purpose. And it’s up to you to do a bit of investigation; maybe the best is to try various solutions available online and see which one works best for your blog.

6. Use SEO techniques 

Search Engine Optimization is the process that allow your content to rank - The importance of SEO for your blog

Another element that will help you overcoming blog stagnation, you should review the SEO optimization techniques you’re employing. This goes through creating attractive titles, proper use of keywords, images, metadata, document structure, number of words, keyword variations, sitemap file, internal links.

There are tools on the web that run a diagnosis of these aspects online so that you perform the correctives and spiders can detect your blog. You will get free-to-use platforms and paid on the Internet, and the former offers the information you need to adjust the SEO on your website.

If you manage to produce original posts, especially taking care of and respecting search engines’ guidelines, you will position your blog. As a result, users are more likely to reach your portal and interact with your posts.

7. Update your knowledge

Update your knowledge by taking courses on digital marketing techniques, SEO strategies, text writing

To succeed in the web 2.0 world, in addition to wanting, it is essential to prepare. In this sense, I advise you to take courses on digital marketing techniques, SEO strategies, text writing, etc. With all this information, I am sure that you will produce content with value, and users will perceive it.

Therefore, in any situation that you have, the quality will always be above all, so to overcome stagnation, it is essential to create content that brings benefits. In other words, they fuel the expectations of avid readers of knowledge.

If your blog is stuck for some reason, that’s no reason for you to abandon your digital venture. Remember to work on it, and you will see that you will overcome any barrier with dedication and effort.

In short, by knowing the 7 tips for overcoming blog stagnation, you can start receiving visits and, therefore, traffic. Remember that the life of a website is the interactions that users have with your content, the number of subscriptions, comments, etc. When applying these tips, I assure you that your digital space will soon start receiving readers. Besides, it is essential the work and permanent study to succeed in the world of web 2.0.

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