What is copywriting?

What is copywriting? Promotes, advertises, or entertains

Along the way you’ve been on constructing your blog, you’ve probably heard the word copywriting many times, but do you know what it is? We know that it is a profession responsible for creating written content, but its concept goes much further. That’s why in this post, we will explain what copywriting is, what it takes care of, and the importance it has for your blog.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the ability to create written content that can persuade its readers to take action. The Anglo-Saxon term has its origins in advertising, which gave that name to its creative editor. Today the word is used to refer to persuasive writing.

In this sense, it can be said that copywriting is the art of writing messages to motivate an action, from the simplest to the most complicated. Content produced by a copywriter can be viewed in an email, website, blog, social media, or any other means used to influence its recipients.

Although its origin comes from marketing, copywriting now goes much further. This form of writing can be seen in scientific, technical, creative texts, blogs, and many others.

What a copywriter is responsible for

What a copywriter is responsible for

The person in charge of copywriting is known as a copywriter. He is simply the professional in charge of creating the creative content necessary to promote a product, service, company, or idea.

Right now, you might think that the copywriter is the same as an editor, but it’s not. There are several differences between the two professions.

When these differences are apparent, it is essential to add that the copywriter goes beyond the writing. Within his mission is to create the idea and the concept that will go into the text. At the same time, it must include persuasion to lead its recipient to action. 

It cannot be seen as just creating content because it carries an intention from its conception. The copywriter is responsible for seducing through his words to generate an action in his reader. Viewed from an advertising point of view, the idea would be to sell a product or service, but such action could also be:

  • Get a reader’s subscription.
  • Loyalty to your receiver through the email or newsletter you receive periodically.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Grow your audience on social media through more followers, likes, or other interactions.
  • Get your readers to ask for more information about a specific product, service, or idea being promoted.
How to position your blog

After being clear about what copywriting is and what the main functions of the performer are, it is necessary to list some of the specific activities.

The copywriter can:

  • Write and correct texts.
  • Writing ads for social media or traditional media.
  • Write static content of web pages, such as homepage, description of products or services, forms of contact, etc.
  • Writing email marketing campaigns.
  • Study keywords.
  • Define communication strategies.
  • Create content plans.
  • Write posts.
  • Editing and correcting texts from the point of view of spelling, grammar, semantics, style, and SEO.

In short, the copywriter has become one of the most sought-after professionals in the digital age. The success of any website will depend on how its content is displayed, so the professional who fulfills that function is needed.

What to study to be a copywriter?

The professional who devotes the most to copywriting must have a broad vision, be complete strata with the use of words. On the other hand, you should be up to date with new communicative trends, formats, forms of expression, among other aspects.

A good starting point is to be qualified in some humanistic career such as lyrics, social communication, journalism, translation and interpretation, advertising, and marketing. These university formations study writing tools, creativity, narrative, advertising, and others that are very useful for copywriters.

We do not rule out technical or scientific professionals to work on copywriting. The difference is that they should have additional basic training to practice as copywriters.

However, having a humanistic area title is not everything to do copywriting work.

Since there is no specific degree for copywriters, your university education may have many other studies.

Variety of university degrees

  • Market analysis, to know what DOFA analysis is, brand positioning, competition management, value proposition, the definition of buyer people, among other concepts related to marketing.
  • Writing, language, grammar, and spelling.
  • Different writing styles.
  • Narrative techniques, especially storytelling.
  • Advertising writing.
  • Persuasive writing.
  • Structuring offers.
  • Types of commercial texts.
  • SEO positioning applied to the drafting.
  • Content marketing.
  • Sales techniques.
  • Trading strategies.
  • Research and documentation techniques.
  • Design and user experience (UX).

Many of the topics touched on this list are seen in university careers, such as journalism and advertising. However, so far, there is no top-level training that will title a copywriter. That is why it is necessary to complement your basic training with the above aspects.

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It is important to note that this profession has been based on experience and changes constantly. This reality requires constant training because what a copywriter does today can change in a short time. This is a very common feature in professions that are directly related to the use of new technologies.

Copywriting types

Copywriting direct response

It is also known as copywriting web, although it originated in the offline world. Copywriting is based on the first publicists’ techniques to pay more attention to every word they used.

It is simply that persuasive writing technique that seeks an answer in its recipient. The pioneer of this form of writing was Claude Hopkins in the early twentieth century, and a little later, David Pgilvy was his reference. This could be why the term is used in English.

Creative Copywriting

Creative Copywriting

It is the most used in advertising agencies, which has the main objective of positioning a brand. This makes it the copywriting with the greatest advertising vocation. However, your creativity can go beyond selling a product. It can be found both online and offline.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

When we talk about SEO copywriting, we are already going full to the world of the Internet. SEO copywriting is dedicated to the positioning of content in search engines. It is based on the application of strategies to achieve first places in Google searches. It is the only one that only has a presence in the online world for obvious reasons.

Marketing copywriting

It’s the copywriting that relies on your audience’s needs to get them to become consumers of your brand. It is the most directly related to sales, so we find it easily in email marketing campaigns and on sales pages or landing pages.

Technical Copywriting

When copywriting specializes in a particular area of specialization, we call it technical copywriting. It is created for a specific audience. Therefore copywriters who do so must have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. He speaks the same language as his audience makes him very successful, and we can see it in the scientific and technological fields.

The importance of copywriting on your blog

Importance of copywriting on your blog

Copywriting is a fundamental practice for every blogger because you will have to persuade your readers through your blog. However, not all bloggers are copywriters, so they must be formed to handle the concept in the best possible way.

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When you create your blog, one of your main goals is to reach as many readers as possible. Here it doesn’t matter if your ultimate goal is to sell a product, service, or idea. To get there, they must first read you. That makes the excellent application of copywriting extremely important in your blog to offer quality texts.

Thanks to the practice of copywriting, you will be able to improve your SEO positioning. That is why every post you write is present. It’s not just about passing on knowledge. It’s about doing it in a way that reaches your audience. creativity also comes into play here. Without this ingredient and SEO, your blog will have no life on the Internet.

In general, copywriting is very useful for developing the content plan embodied in your marketing strategy. At this point, the management of social networks comes in as a boost to your blog’s traffic. It is also a fundamental tool for writing all the advertisements you require.

In short, when we ask ourselves again what copywriting is, we can already say that it is the profession that is responsible for creating content. But it does so from the conception of the idea, creating persuasive texts creatively. Today it is a highly demanded profession and is very useful for the development of your blog.

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