What are the benefits of an effective SEO strategy?

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What are Keywords Anyway?

Before we dive into SEO lets try to simplify things a bit.

Keywords are words or phrases that specify what people are searching for in online search engines like Google. They are also words or phrases that describe the topics you write about.

Keyword research is the drill of finding the words or phrases that people enter into search engines. The target is to use these keywords for web pages, content creation, and marketing.

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of driving traffic to your website using search engines.

SEO is simply the effort of placing a website in search engines based on words or phrases relevant to what the site is offering. In other words, it’s simply quality control for websites.


It is true that every online business spends a lot of the time considering SEO (search engine optimization).

There are plenty of alternative ways to drive traffic to your website. Paid media, personal posts, and show marketing and advertising are just a few. But, when done really well, SEO can be the most important and cost-effective technique for organic traffic.

Perhaps the most important aspect of composing or editing an article with SEO in your mind is selecting the best keyword to target. SEO content is also one of the most difficult strategies to perfect. But in case of an interesting and well-written piece, the article might be really on its way to page one ranking. If, of course, you have chosen the right keywords.

The prospective keyword phrase should really be a two to a five-word expression that conveys the article’s core subject or message. The spot phrase that best expresses what the article is about is emphasized more than other keywords while the article might position in search-engines for a handful of different keywords. This could be it in the event that you could wish for your article to rank extremely high for almost any term.

Keywords are everything we type in whenever we are trying to find products, solutions, and answers regarding the search engines.

Businesses optimize their webpages for search by assigning keywords to those pages. Keyword selection is essential when you execute a paid search or a PPC campaign. It’s also vital for a website organic ranking on the search engines.

Selecting the keywords which are correct keyword phrases is amongst the primary steps in successful search engine optimization. Increasing visitors to your website is really a priority. However, attracting the appropriate visitors that is correct a necessity. Seeking the many keywords which can be effective relate genuinely to your marketplace takes some time. However, the outcomes is supposed to be worth every penny.

SEO will definitely improve a website’s overall searchability and visibility. But is that all?

Why is SEO so important?

The significance of traffic in order to maintain and improve a business or a website is widely known. SEO is a must because it’s specifically aimed at helping do just this; improve the online presence, traffic & ultimately goals for a website.

Is SEO needed for your business?

In most businesses, SEO is a must-have. In case a business offers products or services or deal with affiliate marketing, where users type in search queries to find information, then SEO should be a high priority.


What are the benefits of SEO?

  • Increase Traffic

This is probably the most significant benefit of SEO. Traffic is the heart of every online business. The higher a website ranks for keywords, the more traffic you will receive. Specifically, if you rank in the first position in Google on average has approximately a 30% Click Through Rate. This means that for every 100 times the term is searched you will receive approximately 30 visitors.

  • Improves Visibility

When you have an online business, you obviously want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible. Apart from the obvious reason, to click through to your website, there is a certain amount of value in simply appearing in search results for terms directly related to your business. In most cases, online research is not a one-off thing. Researchers don’t just simply search once. They usually enter the keywords, have a look at the search results and browse on some websites. If they don’t find exactly what they are looking for, they edit their search terms, search again, click on some websites, and so on.

This means that if your website regularly shows in these search results that you are gaining more and more visibility. As your website keeps showing up, you are going to gain trust. Over time chances are very good that they will eventually click through to your website.

The more keywords your website ranks for and the higher they rank, the higher the visibility of your brand to potential customers. It takes 5-7 brand impressions in order for a searcher to remember your brand. SEO is the key driver for improving visibility and impressions in the search engine results.

  • Improves credibility & trust

Increased traffic improves visibility and leads to high ranking. Consequently, signals to searchers that you’re a key player in your industry. On the other hand, ranking on the 2nd or 3rd page may lead to dodgy assumptions. These can be, that you’re a new business, that you’re not very trustworthy or you are not as well known.

Therefore, ranking matters. Most researchers would assume that because Google says this business is relevant, that must be true. High search rankings make you more credible in their eyes.

Websites that appear higher in the search results are considered more credible and trustworthy. In fact, 98 out of 100 searchers choose a website that is listed on Page 1 of the results. Searchers simply have the impression that the sites at the top are the best.

  • Higher Quality Traffic


Higher quality traffic means more conversions, more engagement, and eventually more sales.

Following a strategy by incorporating SEO at each page on your website enables you to be an entry point for those customers.

Choose highly relevant keywords, headings, content and meta descriptions. It will help you hit potential customers at every stage of the buying funnel.

  • Cost Effective Marketing

SEO is considered one of the most cost-effective solution to market online. Reaching the top ranking of search engines can be time-consuming, however, staying there will bring in extended flows of traffic.

Alternatively buying ads can bring in traffic fast, but have to be repaid often.

Pay per click can speed up traffic and sales but forces you to pay for all your traffic.

The only sustainable way to make long term, cost-effective income is through the process of SEO. All other forms of online marketing fall short of the long-term potential of SEO.

When you start ranking well for terms and preferably succeed in ranking on the first page, you will get consistent traffic for the particular search term. Traffic will be consistently and recurring each and every month so your flow of potential customers continues.

  • Sustainability

Using keywords and ranking for terms will bring traffic to your website. This will, in turn, generate leads and eventually sales. Maintaining that position while creating new prospects for your website ensures consistent traffic and allows your business to grow.

If done right, SEO ensures sustainability for your business.

  • Ignore Paid Ads

The click rate of paid ads has significantly decreased throughout the years. Only 15 out of 100 searchers select paid ads. People have built awareness with Google and they can distinguish faster and easier what is an ad and what is not.

  • Targeted Traffic

Several years back, websites bragged about their site visitors. That was the only concern. Still today this is important, however, the amount of targeted traffic is more significant. Targeted traffic means your visitors are people who did not accidentally dropped in your website but intentionally. They are likely to use your product or service.

The correct use of SEO based on keywords is likely to generate highly targeted traffic. The ability to show up as high as possible on the results page for a specific product or service you offer is vital.

A user has typed a specific keyword in the search engine related to your business and then clicked on your listing. If the product or service you are offering lies in between the needs of the potential customer that is much more powerful than any mail campaign or TV ads.

Summing up

The intent of this article is to underline the significance of SEO when you are building an online business. These are only some of many reasons indicating why SEO is important and should be considered for most businesses.

For maximum results, create an effective SEO strategy. Focus on keyword research, generate great content, rank higher and boost your business.

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